Friday, October 5, 2007

Domestic Bliss

Esther is officially a cat woman. Sometimes, it will get really quiet, and I'll look around me and notice that there is no Esther and no cats to be found. So I'll quietly go towards the bedroom, peak in, and catch a napping Esther and three cats on the bed. To keep warm I guess. Anyway, I'm not allowed to post pictures of Esther napping, so I guess this pic of the cats is good enough. We got a new bed, and Rascal, Harley and Stella all give it a thumbs up.

It snowed again last weekend, and the snow made it all the way down to our house! It didn't stick, but it was mighty wierd to see big snowflakes for a few hours in Sept, after mowing the lawn a few days before hand. I went up to Snowbasin to watch these crazy guys run a race to the top and back (a 2300 foot elevation gain). Got a good picture of the moose statue amidst the snow.

When the storm cleared out, we got a great view of the valley. This is a view toward the other end of the valley. I've only been posting views to the East, of the Wasatch, because I'm very biased toward that view. But with storm clouds, sunset, and a coating of snow, the view to the west was pretty impressive. These are the Oquirh mountains. That's not spelled right, but it's pronounced "O-Ker". Anywho, town ends, it gets really brown, and the Salt Lake is usually visible before you see the mountains.

Esther will post soon, and you'll be able to read about something different than mountains and snow for a change!!

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Phil said...

but i like hearing about mountains and snow.