Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Although Ben & I have very fond memories of trick or treating as kids, niether of us has ever gotten into dressing up as adults. That may change when we have kids of our own...we'll have to wait and see on that one. Anyway, it was a blast being at an elementary school for the parties and parade today. I saw a lot of Spiderman and vampires and witches, one Hermoine (my personal favorite), a few fairy princesses, some ninjas and even a teenage mutant ninja turtle or two. At our house it was a bit of a letdown. I thought that living in town and being on a corner we would get hit like crazy. I only bought enough candy for up to 80 kids at one a piece...and it is 7:15 and we still have well over half! We have started giving multiples to kids. (oh, we just had a Jasmine and a kitty kat-I was reminded of how my sister Kate always wanted to be a cat for halloween and how my mom bought small pieces of fake fur and sewed them onto a black sweatsuit for her one cute, and she made a great cat with her round cheeks) So I'm a little bummed that we have had so few kids but oh well. Our neighbors aren't really into few lights on and we only saw a couple of neighborhood kids. Johnny B, our infamous neighbor boy is Spiderman, his mom is Scream. The boy across the corner is a pimp (nice) and his buddy a wrestler (mask & jeans on skateboard). We had a car pull up with two women and a little boy dressed as a lizard who asked to park by our yard b/c they wanted to trick or treat "up here"...meaning they are afraid of danger (gang activity in the lower neighborhoods). Although we usually scoff a bit at people's calling Ogden a ghetto since we are from Philly, for some this is real fear and true danger. We welcomed this little troupe to our street and gave them their first candy. The little lizard was only 3 or 4. So cute.

Meanwhile, Rascal has sat at the door all night trying to figure out how to get outside to where all the action is. We sat on our porch till it got too cold and he sat right inside the full glass storm door meowing and jumping at the door trying to get us to let him out. He seemed fascinated by the groups of kids and lights and noise. You would really swear that cat is a dog the way he loves people and wants to be around them all the time.

So Happy First Halloween to our little pumpkin nephew Logan. And a shout out to Jake and Victoria who I know went to a party as Superman and Wonderwoman-who were never a couple, as Jake explained to me. And to all of you who are clever enough and brave enough to dress up as adults in silly costumes...Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Something Sad, Something Funny, Something to Celebrate!

Today is October 22, 2007...2 years since Ben & I got married! WOOOOHOOOO! I was just thinking today about how if someone had told me on my wedding day that exactly 2 years later I would be driving to SLC for my job as an Elementary Counselor, visiting a child in the Hospital at Univ of Utah and then driving home to my gorgeous house and 3 celebrate my anniversary with my husband over frozen fajitas I don't think I would have beleived it. But here I am...and happy as can be. :)

So the something sad is that one of my students, an 8 yr old boy named Sam was in a car accident with his father this weekend. His father fell asleep at the wheel and they hit a huge steel light post. He is ok, stable but really banged up and almost lost an eye. Poor kid. I visited him today with another staff member and he was better than I expected but will need a lot of time to recover. Please pray for him and his family at this time. I don't beleive they know the Lord and there are a lot of shady issues. His parents are not married and it is suspected that his dad has been using drugs...which may have contributed to the accident. Also pray for me as I will continue to counsel him when he comes back to school...and i'm sure he will have some fear and anxiety issues on top of his other issues. Poor kid!

Ok, so the something funny is a story that happened this weekend. We cleaned house and I had asked Ben to take the bath mats down to put them in the laundry. He agreed, disappeared and reappeared some few minutes later. I asked him if he had put the bath mats in the laundry and he said yes. (I find that we both forget things half way through doing them so we check on each other for stuff like that we have a whole house to clean and not just an apartment, things get easily misplaced or forgotten) Anyway, later that night we started to get ready for bed and I noticed that the rugs were still missing. So, I announced to Ben that one of us needs to go down and pull them out of the washer to dry. He looked at me with a distraught face which seemed to say "I don't want to go back down there tonight" so I offered to go do it myself. That was when he said "But I never started the washing machine." I said "what do you mean, what happened?" He replied "I don't want to talk about it" and walked into the other room. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT....WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T START THE WASH? I DON'T UNDERSTAND." I said, following him into the room where he was lying on the bed face down as if he was hoping to avoid the conversation. At this point I couldn't help but laugh b/c I was so confused as to what was going on. What horrible thing could have happened in the basement to have caused this reaction. I continued questioning him through my laughter and he continued to say cryptic things like "I don't know" "I don't want to talk about it" finally turns out that he just did get distracted and he did "put the mats in the wash", he just didn't start the washing machine. He had no reason why, he just didn't. So we layed in bed laughing as hard as I can remember ever laughing at this whole situation...that he just didn't start the washer, that he got so embarrassed that he ran away from me and that he was so tired that he couldn't make me understand what had happened...and meanwhile i couldn't imagine the horrible thing that he didn't want to talk about. HAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, you probably had to be there...but hopefully you can imagine the situation and understand how ridiculous it was. Oh, and the bath mats did finally get cleaned. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sick Days

So my six weeks of working with kids caught up to me this week...I finally got a head cold. No fever to speak of, but groggy and tired and all that I took a sick day yesterday. There was nothing at all appealing about a one hour drive, seeing a couple of kids (friday is a half day for students) and then sitting in a meeting for the afternoon, and then driving home when I knew the whole time all I would be wanting was BED! So, bed i got. Rascal, Stella and Harley kept me company nearly all day in bed. Man do they have the life. They must do that everyday, but I wouldn't know as I am rarely home for an entire day. Nonetheless it was great to have company to pass the day with between naps and catching up on this season's episodes of Heroes. Plus, Stella really likes to keep my feet warm...what a sweety!

Ben came home yesterday feeling pretty crummy, so we spent the rest of the evening resting and then today are having a sick day together. We only have one more episode of commentary left on our netflix The Office Season 3 disc 3 to watch and then we will be watching it all again. we truly can't get there is last week's episode on to watch...but besides that I think we'll go out and get Ben the KFC he is craving for lunch and maybe rent a movie from Hollywood since we sent our other 2 netflix back yesterday...and just sleep.

We do covet your prayers that we would heal and be ready for work on Monday. I anticipate that we will...but prayer is always better than just hope alone.

Have a great weekend! Love you all! B & E

Monday, October 8, 2007

Less Weather-Nerd Stuff!!!

HAHAHA I love teasing Ben about being a weather nerd b/c secretly is it a wonderful gift to always have someone to tell you the upcoming 5-10 day forecast for almost any relevant destination. :) Especially when you live in Utah and you have a 40 degree snowy Saturday followed by a gorgeously sunny 70 degree Monday.

Anyway, we need to update you on some of the work that has been going on around here. Today was Columbus day, which translates to "Government Lackie" day off. Ben swears he was thinking about Columbus all day while he was home fitting our new heating vents. Ok, Ben, whatever. ;)

So these pics were taken over this weekend when we totally cleaned up and organized to have our first official dinner party in the new house. We invited our pastor (Don Krafft) and his wife Elizabeth and son Owen as well as our dear friend Jim Cole to join us for Cheesesteaks and peach cobbler (frozen, Marie Callendar's-don't worry I haven't become THAT domestic yet!). The food was great and the company wonderful. We should have gotten pics of our guests but that was one thing that slipped my mind while they were here. So, we only have some of the house.

We added this IKEA kitchen counter for extra counter space and storage and it has been great!

This new bed was bought to replace our old IKEA bed in the new master bedroom, the IKEA bed will now be a new queen size guest bed when we get a new mattress and boxspring for it. We are going for a Shabby Chic look with slightly mismatched furniture that is all white (mostly b/c they make adult furniture so big, we had to get some kid size pieces to fit our smaller wall space).

This is the new light in our dining room that Ben installed for us. It is so pretty!!!!

The new front door we had installed makes a huge difference on the front of the house. Ben also took down the shutters and we plan to do new steps/driveway/porch in the next few years.

Our new dining room set, rug, light, with trim and curtains! A real formal dining room. No pool tables here! We are searching for the right hutch in which to display my family china.

This was the Dining Room only a month or so ago! What a difference!

Here is the Living Room not long ago, and below is the almost completely finished living room. We will switch out the light for a ceiling fan, fill those shelves with literature and put some things on the wall. We will need to find a TV cabinet/armoire too, but we'll wait on that till we do some other things that are more paint the kitchen!

Before we got a fireplace grate, we had to somehow keep the cats, aka rascal, from getting all sooty, hence the trashcan and boxes, but this was the fireplace before this weekend...and below is after Ben painted it for me and hung my star! How lovely! I think the ivory color of the fireplace and shelves (accented by the ivory star) sets it off as the true centerpiece of the room! I just can't wait to fill those shelves with Jane Austen and other literary greats! Oh, and I guess a few photos of loved ones...I guess. hehe

No, seriously, I can't wait to paint our hallway either b/c I definitely plan to make it a photo gallery of family and friends to show off and to remind us of how loved we are and how blessed we are to love so many!

Keep in touch, let us know what you are up to and we will keep blogging. Next time I will fill you in on our neighbors...and, OH YES, stay tuned for pics of the infamous Johhny B!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Domestic Bliss

Esther is officially a cat woman. Sometimes, it will get really quiet, and I'll look around me and notice that there is no Esther and no cats to be found. So I'll quietly go towards the bedroom, peak in, and catch a napping Esther and three cats on the bed. To keep warm I guess. Anyway, I'm not allowed to post pictures of Esther napping, so I guess this pic of the cats is good enough. We got a new bed, and Rascal, Harley and Stella all give it a thumbs up.

It snowed again last weekend, and the snow made it all the way down to our house! It didn't stick, but it was mighty wierd to see big snowflakes for a few hours in Sept, after mowing the lawn a few days before hand. I went up to Snowbasin to watch these crazy guys run a race to the top and back (a 2300 foot elevation gain). Got a good picture of the moose statue amidst the snow.

When the storm cleared out, we got a great view of the valley. This is a view toward the other end of the valley. I've only been posting views to the East, of the Wasatch, because I'm very biased toward that view. But with storm clouds, sunset, and a coating of snow, the view to the west was pretty impressive. These are the Oquirh mountains. That's not spelled right, but it's pronounced "O-Ker". Anywho, town ends, it gets really brown, and the Salt Lake is usually visible before you see the mountains.

Esther will post soon, and you'll be able to read about something different than mountains and snow for a change!!