Thursday, September 27, 2007

First Snow on the Wasatch

We've been able to use the camera lots! The storm on Sunday ended our fall colors drive, but as the clouds cleared on Monday they revealed the first snow! I wish we could have gotten better pictures, but we had to work.... such a drag! After a day of cold rain, the weather warms up pretty quick and then you're in a tee shirt again, looking up at the pine trees coated with snow.

I really wanted to drive up to Snowbasin and make the first snowball of the season, but it looks like we won't have to wait long. Another storm is coming this weekend with more snow possible up on those beautiful peaks. Sorry, I'm definitely a snow lover, and this is such a great change from the agony of waiting for snow in Philadelphia.
Another bonus was the view from the parking lot at Lowes. It made the 474th trip there totally work it!


Phil said...

Ok, You guys have a crazy amazing life in Utah. The more pictures I see, the less I want to stay in Philly.

Besther said...

Sorry Phil, we miss everybody so much, we're really just baiting people to come visit or move out here too!

Stephanie said...

That snow looks AWESOME!

Is Snowbasin where we went on Sunday??

Wedding date is May 23rd. I know it might be a pinch but I would LOVE for you to both be here for it!!

Lots of Love!

Crystal B said...

oh, i'm so jealous of the snow! that's what i missed most when i moved to philly. now you're making me want to move to utah!

miss you lots!

Stephanie Booth (7 months till Horjus!) said...

And.. as is the story of my life.. the date has changed.. Saturday, May 24th! It's Memorial Day Weekend! Make it a long one and come to Philly to see me get married =)

Natalie said...

sorry I haven't called you!!! i have actually been really busy, which has been nice, but I haven't been doing a lot of things I am supposed to because I just can't get myself situated. too many new things going on and too much craziness. i'll try to call soon. i do want to get together with you guys. let's talk options! miss you