Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well, big news- My sister Stacey is engaged! The whole family usually goes down the shore in September, which I must say is the best time to go. Warm water, warm days, and you have the place to yourself! So the whole family is down there and they get to celebrate Stacey and Chris getting engaged. I must say that this is the hardest time we've had being out here. I really do miss that family time of being together is such a beautiful place, eating meals together and going on bike rides.

Even more good news, our friend Stephanie is engaged too! Steph was our first Utah visitor, and the cats still miss her and are anxious to sit on other people's laps and purr a lot. Congrats Steph and Ben!!

To make up a little for missing out on the family time at the shore, we've been able to drive around and see the changing colors. The mountain sides have lots of fiery spots of reds and oranges as the trees and brush make the change. We drove over the "Alpine Loop" near Salt Lake City and drove right by Robert Redford's Sundance Resort. So we pulled over and told him we're not too down with all that liberal stuff, but money points for picking such a cool place.

Wish we had some pictures. The digital camera did not survive the horizontal rain on the Pfiefferhorn, and the camera we got online arrive in a "Refurbished" box. Nice! So after our refund we'll hook one up.



Stephanie said...

CONGRATS STACEY AND CHRIS! Maybe it's just this time of year or something.... I know of at least 4 weddings happening within the next 9 months.

Thanks for the paragraph about the engagement. I'm so excited and it's only getting more-so every day.

Miss you both (and the 3 kitties!)

Mom and Dad H. said...

Hey Ben and Esther,

We made it home from the shore safely and have reveiwed wedding venues down there. Now I think Stace has plans for looking up here too before making a decision.

I am sure that you will be hearing from them as they move forward with all of this...

Dad and I will be busy working and saving money...

Love to you both,

Mom and Dad H.

P.S. I think I may have been more expressive at R. Redford's -- but then again that's just me.