Thursday, September 27, 2007

First Snow on the Wasatch

We've been able to use the camera lots! The storm on Sunday ended our fall colors drive, but as the clouds cleared on Monday they revealed the first snow! I wish we could have gotten better pictures, but we had to work.... such a drag! After a day of cold rain, the weather warms up pretty quick and then you're in a tee shirt again, looking up at the pine trees coated with snow.

I really wanted to drive up to Snowbasin and make the first snowball of the season, but it looks like we won't have to wait long. Another storm is coming this weekend with more snow possible up on those beautiful peaks. Sorry, I'm definitely a snow lover, and this is such a great change from the agony of waiting for snow in Philadelphia.
Another bonus was the view from the parking lot at Lowes. It made the 474th trip there totally work it!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Utah colors and MEESES!!

We got a new camera! So apologies, there will be lots of pictures here. Utah is near peak when it comes to fall colors, and the Moose are out getting some late season snacks. Friends from church live outside of town, up in the foothills, and this mother and calf came up their driveway.

It's hard to describe how big these things are, but this other picture helps, with the garage in the background. Wow, I don't think you can park a moose in a garage! Actually, this little known fact helps explain why the horse was chosen as the more popular mode of transport back in the day.

In between storms, we took the long way back from church today and caught the colors in the sun. Here's Ben at Snowbasin.

A new storm was rolling in, which is supposed to leave a dusting of snow above 7,000FT, and the clouds made a nice contrast to the colors all around us.

Every once in a while you'd see one bush that seemed to be on fire.

And finally, I have to close it out with Esther's best picture of the day. This one may go up on the walls.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well, big news- My sister Stacey is engaged! The whole family usually goes down the shore in September, which I must say is the best time to go. Warm water, warm days, and you have the place to yourself! So the whole family is down there and they get to celebrate Stacey and Chris getting engaged. I must say that this is the hardest time we've had being out here. I really do miss that family time of being together is such a beautiful place, eating meals together and going on bike rides.

Even more good news, our friend Stephanie is engaged too! Steph was our first Utah visitor, and the cats still miss her and are anxious to sit on other people's laps and purr a lot. Congrats Steph and Ben!!

To make up a little for missing out on the family time at the shore, we've been able to drive around and see the changing colors. The mountain sides have lots of fiery spots of reds and oranges as the trees and brush make the change. We drove over the "Alpine Loop" near Salt Lake City and drove right by Robert Redford's Sundance Resort. So we pulled over and told him we're not too down with all that liberal stuff, but money points for picking such a cool place.

Wish we had some pictures. The digital camera did not survive the horizontal rain on the Pfiefferhorn, and the camera we got online arrive in a "Refurbished" box. Nice! So after our refund we'll hook one up.


Monday, September 10, 2007

my new job

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me to get a new job and also to adjust well....God is good and He has aswered these prayers! My commute is between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes each day on the way in, so that stinks, but on the way home it is 30-45 minutes. So, different things different days help break up the monotony of the drive. I am at 4 different elementary schools during the week (at one school 2 days and 3 schools 1 day each). So I start at different times and have different drives each day. I like the job. I like counseling. Some adjustments are more difficult, like learning the different cultures at different schools...different rules, expectations, roles, etc. Some people are more friendly than others and some are more helpful than others...but the kids are kids. They have issues and I am there to help them. I like that part. I get to play, talk, write, make calls, etc. And I can't wait to get my first real grown-up pay check that reflects my Masters!!!! So thanks...things are going well and I feel really blessed to be in this position! We'll see what God does with me...:)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

We are officially Utahns, and crazy....

Well, I didn't think we'd do it. We heard that out here, you can do season rentals for skis for $100, so that's what we planned on doing. So when we stopped at Ski-Mania to check out the deal, we had no intention of doing something crazy like buying ski equipment.....

But wow, things are different out here. Back east (that's how they refer to the east coast out here) there are so few ski shops that everything is REALLY expensive. Not so here! I think there are about 4 places that sell ski equipment in Ogden itself. Anyway, they had this huge tent sale featuring all the stuff from last season that didn't sell. It was reduced and tagged to be sold at a Ski-Swap later next week, but the store put it out there as a last chance buy for labor day weekend. We were blown away to see Rosisgnol and Salomon skis and boots reduced to such low prices. Getting the good stuff outweighted renting the real basic stuff about 10 times. Figuring that we're a half hour from 3 ski resorts, we took the plunge and got skis, boots, poles and goggles for both of us.

I'm excited but we are officially crazy. I'm rationalizing this decision by the whole cable TV deal-Since we don't have it, it's a handy way to justify other recreation expenses. And mountain air and excercise is way better for you then watching TV. So heck, 8 months of cable sacrificed to be schussing down winter wonderland once or twice a week starting Nov.... HECK YEAH!!

But yeah, we are crazy. If anybody come this winter, and there's good snow, and they don't want to ski, there' s 3 really cool cats (literally) to hang out with back at our place.