Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks to Aunt Katers...

I finally have some more recent pics of Logan to share....

handsome little guy, huh?

Is Brook pointing to the baby or the "daddy sack"?

Aunt Katers herself...with a tiny baby boy...I am so jealous!

Need a

Could he have a more gorgeous mom? And she is funny too!

So alert! I like the stripes Logie!

I call this one "Proud Daddy"...what do you think?

Seriously...I am so proud of Brook and Meg and Logan...what a gorgeous family...more so because of the love of Christ displayed in their lives than even the smashing good looks...(hehe sorry, that must have been a Dave Kinnaird moment)...Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Kate has promised me even more pics from the upcoming dad is having a BBQ with friends from Trinity in P'ville...I'll miss the reunion sadly, but we'll all have more pics to look forward to!


Beth said...

Logan is so adorable!!! I love your family!!!

Natalie said...

im back online esther! i am moving in this weekend, so as we get settled i will take time to go over your old blogs and get updated on your life. cute nephew!!! let's get together soon!!!

Auntie Kate said...

What a good looking family.