Friday, August 31, 2007

Stef is coming to Utah!

Today is Friday aug 31 and we are having our first visitor who is coming to visit us in Ogden...Stef is a friend from Pilgrim PCA in Philly and she is staying for the weekend. We are SO thrilled to have her come and are spending the day getting ready for her. Ben has the day off which is great b/c I have help in cleaning and get to spend the day with my best friend! He is so great!

So, I also want to thank you all for your prayers and encouragement about finding a job. Praise God...I was offered a one year position as a school counselor/case manager for SLC school district working with at-risk elementary students. So, it is not the high school guidance counselor position that I really want, but it is a good start considering that I couldn't even apply for any positions until August...and school positions aren't that easy to come by this late in the summer. I think it will be a good fit. I will use a lot of the skills that I have used in previous jobs and will learn some new ones. The commute will stink, but the pay is really good, so that helps. AND this means we can definitely plan a trip home at Christmas since I will have that week off! YAY! We will get to see all of the Hardy and Holler families...including our nephew Logan who seems to be as thrilled as we are at that idea! check out his darling smile!


Beth said...

Congratulations, Esther on your new job! That's wonderful!! YOU'RE wonderful! And Logan is very cute. Yeah, Yvonne and I were talking the other day of taking a trip out west... Have fun with Stef! love you!

Mom and Dad H. said...

Congrats on the job Esther! Hope the commute isn't too difficult, although that's one of the reasons Ben says that he chose Utah -- less traffic then PA. Hope that's true!

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Christmas unless we are able to work out something sooner!

Love to you both,

Mom and Dad H.

Besther said...

Thanks Mom & Dad H and Bethie! I appreciate the encouragement and love! I'll let you know how my first week goes!