Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My First Summit!l

After all the house remodeling, a great opportunity came up to hike to a real mountain summit, the Pfiefferhorn just outside Salt Lake City. The peak tops out at 11,300 FT, and I felt every one of those on the way down when some altitude sickness came on. The thunderstorm didn't help either. On the mountain the lightening seems to strike a few feet away and it sure makes you jump.

The first hour and a half takes you to an alpine lake. The blue reminded me of the color of the rivers in Austria. Above the lake, there's a small batch of trees at top of a ridge. We had to hike up to that before we could even see the summit.

Once up the ridge, we got a great view of classic Wasatch mountain scenery. They just make such crazy steep walls.

So after traversing the ridge a bit, we finally got a view of the summit itself, and the crazy scarey knife edge approach to it. I still can't believe we made it across. We were greeted with horizontal rain and temperatures in the 50's, but it really cleared up and the sun came out, which made it a lot easier to grip the boulders (and avoid those crazy edges).

Finally at the top, we could see down to the valley floor (where it was sunny and in the 90's, and across to Mount Timpanogos where there was still some snow.

And a great shout-out to our outdoor organizer Bill, who gave us all the encouragement we definitely needed!

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Besther said...

I AM SO PROUD OF BEN...CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE HE CLIMBED UP THAT CRAZY THING...Babers, I couldn't be prouder of you or of being your wife. I love you!