Friday, August 10, 2007

Cali, new windows, pretty paint!

So, I caught you up a bit on some of the things we had done...and now here are some pics. More will be posted on Flkr later... This is a view of the living room and you can see the GORGEOUS job Ben did on the floors...look at the shine...I couldn't be prouder! Our living room finally has a new couch and ottoman (aka Rascal's new bed), new rug (picked out by Ben), and curtains (although we will be changing the things the curtains hang from! The color is Sprout...and we LOVE IT!
Ben at the Marina in southern Cali...check out the mural on the building in the background.
NEW WINDOWS!!!! See if you can compare this one to the one in the dining room pic don't do justice to the amazing difference!
We hiked in the Uintah Mts a few weeks ago. This is a boy who is friends of a friend and was my "hiking buddy" for the day. We talked about basketball, video games and Harry's so good to grow up with brothers...:) so, this pic was taken about 1/2 way up to the "notch" where we ended our hike up and turned back to head down....we reached 10,500 ft that day!
Here is Ben with a view in the other direction...we passed about 5 of those gorgeous mtn lakes that looked more pure than anything I've ever seen. You can't see too well in this pic, but there was still a small amount of snow on the mts behind him! In August!

Here is Ben painting in the master BR...the color is august can see the door to the hallway and the 2 closet doors behind him. I am SOOOOOOO proud of the work he is doing on our house.
Here is Ben at the Marina when we visited Grandma & Grandpa Holler in Manhattan Beach, CA last week. The took us to a "good" seafood place. I had a prime rib sandwich. :) It was overcast which is unusual, but it was SO relaxing to not be working on the house...and always pleasure to visit with family.
Rascal now has a brother...Harley (the tabby) and a sister...Stella (the calico). It was a slow start as the 2 new cats were scared of us for a few days...Harley didn't come out from behind the furnace without poking something back there to be sure he was ok. :) BUT NOW....just try and stop them from playing all day and night. They are no longer afraid and have become quite lovey. Harley is especially sweet and purry and will climb right on your lap once he gets to know you. Stella hates to be held, but will let you pet her. And of course, Rascal is thrilled to have playmates but continues to be my little companion, barely leaving my side all week while I was sick. We do have to lock them out of the bedroom at night b/c of the playing, but they don't meow at the door and have a whole house to keep them busy all night. We are so happy with our new little family. They keep us entertained and keep me company when I am often home alone all day.
This is the dining room, sans pool table. We finally put curtains up (they need to be hemmed) and are so greatful to have a table and chairs to sit at! The color of the paint is gold something...I forget....hehe but it is a nice bright neutral. We are still missing trim in all of the rooms, but having the floors and walls finished is quite an accomplishment! In this room there was wallpaper that was AWFUL to take down.
We love our kitchen. It turns out the cabinets are Thomasville and are fairly new. I love those deep drawers beside the sink...they are great for more digging in low cabinets!


Stephanie said...

The house looks AWESOME! Ben, you did a fantastic job!

Beth said...

The hard wood floors and the windows look great! Good job, Ben!