Thursday, August 9, 2007

Aunt Esther & Uncle Ben

Announcing the arrival of Logan Mark Holler born 7/11/2007 to Brook and Megan Holler
He was 8lbs 7oz, 22 inches and has big feet and long fingers, a clef chin or "butt chin" like Brook, my dad, my grandpa, etc...I was home for his birth by God's providence and am so greatful! He is now over a month old, very healthy, a good eater and sleeper...and pooper as I found out while changing a diaper hehe...Megan is a total trooper. My sister, mom, 3 brothers and I waited in the hospital waiting room for 8 hours while she was in labor and then we were allowed, with her family, into the delivery room and watched his first bath, diaper, etc before holding him. What an experience to hold your first nephew only an hour after birth! He is adorable, of course, and I couldn't be prouder.

Other news since our last blog...sorry by the way, we now have internet at home...Carrie and John Kane were married 7/7/07 (my reason for being home in July), we adopted 2 more cats (pics to follow soon), Ben completed the wood floor refinishing and they are GORGEOUS! we have painted, removed wall paper (yuck), have a new couch and have had new windows and doors installed. we took a trip to LA last week to visit my g'rents and had a great time. They are so gracious and southern cali is gorgeous. ben met my aunts, uncle and some cousins, we had a great time with them...and he got some decent beach time. it was his first visit to the pacific ocean. :) I got sick for the last 3 days of our visit, spending almost no time at the beach, but oh well. I am up now at 5:15am blogging b/c i can't sleep b/c i am still sick. time to see a doctor. i'll call first thing in the morning. rather, i'll h ave ben call b/c i have no voice and can't communicate on the phone. bummer.

hmmmm...we are having a great time making changes to the house, even though it is a lot of work...and love Utah. we get our first visitors this month. Our cousins from PA are visiting and a friend from Pilgrim church in Philly will also be visiting. that is going to be so fun!!!! we are also still making friends and building friendships. we took an awesome hike in the Uintah mountains a few weeks ago with church friends...i'll get you some pics from that...completely amazing views!

ok, i might try & get back to sleep now that my advil and tea seem to have kicked in. I covet your prayers for healing as well as my job PA cert came in, so I am trying for a school job and there are openings...I just need the Lord's wisdom and guidance on this! Thanks in advance for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you BOTH in a couple of weeks! It'll be a short visit, but I'm sure we can cram a LOTTA missed time into those couple of days. Love you and am counting down the days till the 31st!


Beth said...

Logan is a cutie. I see the Holler resemblence. Awwww!!! I'm glad, Esther, you were able to be there for his delivery. You're an Aunt!!!