Friday, August 31, 2007

Stef is coming to Utah!

Today is Friday aug 31 and we are having our first visitor who is coming to visit us in Ogden...Stef is a friend from Pilgrim PCA in Philly and she is staying for the weekend. We are SO thrilled to have her come and are spending the day getting ready for her. Ben has the day off which is great b/c I have help in cleaning and get to spend the day with my best friend! He is so great!

So, I also want to thank you all for your prayers and encouragement about finding a job. Praise God...I was offered a one year position as a school counselor/case manager for SLC school district working with at-risk elementary students. So, it is not the high school guidance counselor position that I really want, but it is a good start considering that I couldn't even apply for any positions until August...and school positions aren't that easy to come by this late in the summer. I think it will be a good fit. I will use a lot of the skills that I have used in previous jobs and will learn some new ones. The commute will stink, but the pay is really good, so that helps. AND this means we can definitely plan a trip home at Christmas since I will have that week off! YAY! We will get to see all of the Hardy and Holler families...including our nephew Logan who seems to be as thrilled as we are at that idea! check out his darling smile!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks to Aunt Katers...

I finally have some more recent pics of Logan to share....

handsome little guy, huh?

Is Brook pointing to the baby or the "daddy sack"?

Aunt Katers herself...with a tiny baby boy...I am so jealous!

Need a

Could he have a more gorgeous mom? And she is funny too!

So alert! I like the stripes Logie!

I call this one "Proud Daddy"...what do you think?

Seriously...I am so proud of Brook and Meg and Logan...what a gorgeous family...more so because of the love of Christ displayed in their lives than even the smashing good looks...(hehe sorry, that must have been a Dave Kinnaird moment)...Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Kate has promised me even more pics from the upcoming dad is having a BBQ with friends from Trinity in P'ville...I'll miss the reunion sadly, but we'll all have more pics to look forward to!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My First Summit!l

After all the house remodeling, a great opportunity came up to hike to a real mountain summit, the Pfiefferhorn just outside Salt Lake City. The peak tops out at 11,300 FT, and I felt every one of those on the way down when some altitude sickness came on. The thunderstorm didn't help either. On the mountain the lightening seems to strike a few feet away and it sure makes you jump.

The first hour and a half takes you to an alpine lake. The blue reminded me of the color of the rivers in Austria. Above the lake, there's a small batch of trees at top of a ridge. We had to hike up to that before we could even see the summit.

Once up the ridge, we got a great view of classic Wasatch mountain scenery. They just make such crazy steep walls.

So after traversing the ridge a bit, we finally got a view of the summit itself, and the crazy scarey knife edge approach to it. I still can't believe we made it across. We were greeted with horizontal rain and temperatures in the 50's, but it really cleared up and the sun came out, which made it a lot easier to grip the boulders (and avoid those crazy edges).

Finally at the top, we could see down to the valley floor (where it was sunny and in the 90's, and across to Mount Timpanogos where there was still some snow.

And a great shout-out to our outdoor organizer Bill, who gave us all the encouragement we definitely needed!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Some of you may be wondering why I haven't had more pics of our nephew up...well, I haven't seen any, so when I get will see them. Grandparents and aunts & uncles are slacking off here!, hopefully we will see how he has grown and changed in the last month pretty soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Simeon Douglas Bowne!!!!

I just today recieved an email that my good friends Abby (college roommate) and Steve Bowne now have a little baby boy named Simeon. He was born last Wed. the 8th, 8lb. 11oz. and 21 inches. Congrats to my dear friends! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Louise!!!

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma! 80 years young is quite the accomplishment and we are so proud to call you grandma!

Happy one month old today to Logan Mark! (sorry I don't have any recent pics...heh hem...aunt katers....:)

Congratulations to Andy Oliver and his new wife (today) Kimmi! Sorry we have to miss the big bash...but you are in our thoughts and prayers! I couldn't be happier for such a friend!!!!

What a day! Praise God for so much to celebrate!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cali, new windows, pretty paint!

So, I caught you up a bit on some of the things we had done...and now here are some pics. More will be posted on Flkr later... This is a view of the living room and you can see the GORGEOUS job Ben did on the floors...look at the shine...I couldn't be prouder! Our living room finally has a new couch and ottoman (aka Rascal's new bed), new rug (picked out by Ben), and curtains (although we will be changing the things the curtains hang from! The color is Sprout...and we LOVE IT!
Ben at the Marina in southern Cali...check out the mural on the building in the background.
NEW WINDOWS!!!! See if you can compare this one to the one in the dining room pic don't do justice to the amazing difference!
We hiked in the Uintah Mts a few weeks ago. This is a boy who is friends of a friend and was my "hiking buddy" for the day. We talked about basketball, video games and Harry's so good to grow up with brothers...:) so, this pic was taken about 1/2 way up to the "notch" where we ended our hike up and turned back to head down....we reached 10,500 ft that day!
Here is Ben with a view in the other direction...we passed about 5 of those gorgeous mtn lakes that looked more pure than anything I've ever seen. You can't see too well in this pic, but there was still a small amount of snow on the mts behind him! In August!

Here is Ben painting in the master BR...the color is august can see the door to the hallway and the 2 closet doors behind him. I am SOOOOOOO proud of the work he is doing on our house.
Here is Ben at the Marina when we visited Grandma & Grandpa Holler in Manhattan Beach, CA last week. The took us to a "good" seafood place. I had a prime rib sandwich. :) It was overcast which is unusual, but it was SO relaxing to not be working on the house...and always pleasure to visit with family.
Rascal now has a brother...Harley (the tabby) and a sister...Stella (the calico). It was a slow start as the 2 new cats were scared of us for a few days...Harley didn't come out from behind the furnace without poking something back there to be sure he was ok. :) BUT NOW....just try and stop them from playing all day and night. They are no longer afraid and have become quite lovey. Harley is especially sweet and purry and will climb right on your lap once he gets to know you. Stella hates to be held, but will let you pet her. And of course, Rascal is thrilled to have playmates but continues to be my little companion, barely leaving my side all week while I was sick. We do have to lock them out of the bedroom at night b/c of the playing, but they don't meow at the door and have a whole house to keep them busy all night. We are so happy with our new little family. They keep us entertained and keep me company when I am often home alone all day.
This is the dining room, sans pool table. We finally put curtains up (they need to be hemmed) and are so greatful to have a table and chairs to sit at! The color of the paint is gold something...I forget....hehe but it is a nice bright neutral. We are still missing trim in all of the rooms, but having the floors and walls finished is quite an accomplishment! In this room there was wallpaper that was AWFUL to take down.
We love our kitchen. It turns out the cabinets are Thomasville and are fairly new. I love those deep drawers beside the sink...they are great for more digging in low cabinets!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Aunt Esther & Uncle Ben

Announcing the arrival of Logan Mark Holler born 7/11/2007 to Brook and Megan Holler
He was 8lbs 7oz, 22 inches and has big feet and long fingers, a clef chin or "butt chin" like Brook, my dad, my grandpa, etc...I was home for his birth by God's providence and am so greatful! He is now over a month old, very healthy, a good eater and sleeper...and pooper as I found out while changing a diaper hehe...Megan is a total trooper. My sister, mom, 3 brothers and I waited in the hospital waiting room for 8 hours while she was in labor and then we were allowed, with her family, into the delivery room and watched his first bath, diaper, etc before holding him. What an experience to hold your first nephew only an hour after birth! He is adorable, of course, and I couldn't be prouder.

Other news since our last blog...sorry by the way, we now have internet at home...Carrie and John Kane were married 7/7/07 (my reason for being home in July), we adopted 2 more cats (pics to follow soon), Ben completed the wood floor refinishing and they are GORGEOUS! we have painted, removed wall paper (yuck), have a new couch and have had new windows and doors installed. we took a trip to LA last week to visit my g'rents and had a great time. They are so gracious and southern cali is gorgeous. ben met my aunts, uncle and some cousins, we had a great time with them...and he got some decent beach time. it was his first visit to the pacific ocean. :) I got sick for the last 3 days of our visit, spending almost no time at the beach, but oh well. I am up now at 5:15am blogging b/c i can't sleep b/c i am still sick. time to see a doctor. i'll call first thing in the morning. rather, i'll h ave ben call b/c i have no voice and can't communicate on the phone. bummer.

hmmmm...we are having a great time making changes to the house, even though it is a lot of work...and love Utah. we get our first visitors this month. Our cousins from PA are visiting and a friend from Pilgrim church in Philly will also be visiting. that is going to be so fun!!!! we are also still making friends and building friendships. we took an awesome hike in the Uintah mountains a few weeks ago with church friends...i'll get you some pics from that...completely amazing views!

ok, i might try & get back to sleep now that my advil and tea seem to have kicked in. I covet your prayers for healing as well as my job PA cert came in, so I am trying for a school job and there are openings...I just need the Lord's wisdom and guidance on this! Thanks in advance for your prayers!