Thursday, July 5, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle!

Sorry for the delay, but we finally made it into the house, and have found free internet at the Ogden library (it's a really nice library!). So, closing got pushed back 3 days later than we thought. Be the seller was really nice, and let us move in last Thurs (June 28th) even though we closed on Friday, June 29th. What a crazy experience of boxes and cleaning. So over the last week we've emerged from rummaging through boxes to putting things in some type of order.

And now it's on to the projects! Most of our stuff is sitting in the basement, since the upstairs is mostly hardwood and I need to sand down and refinish those floors. I'll be doing that tomorrow, and after that we'll be painting all the rooms and putting in some new baseboards. Outside, there's a ton of hedge clipping to do as well as watering the lawn. (it hasn't rained in over a month, which is really normal here but just plain wierd when you're used to all the thunderstorms back east. And, the best thing about the house..... Since it faces west and is a bit higher than the rest of town, the sunsets are absolutely incredible.

Esther is home for a friends wedding, which leaves me here to tackle the many projects necessary at the Van Buren mansion (ha ha!). Speaking of, I went to Lowes and totally took it for the team. Since the house was under our budget, we've decided to invest and replace ALL the windows and the two entry doors in the place. It was a pretty easy decision, as the windows are the old wooden kind and don't really insulate, and both doors have cracks that you can see through. But man, that's some expensive stuff!!

Ok, I'm off to do somethin to the house....



jporter said...

whoo hoo! So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house!!!!! I can't wait to see it next month!!!


Ginger said...

Your house looks great--lots of bedrooms for lots of company.
We sure enjoyed seeing Esther this past week! We had a great time playing "Worst Case Scenario." So glad she was here for the birth of Logan, too.