Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Utah Weather

Ok, I am definitely a HUGE weather nerd. There's just something about seeing dramatic changes around you that are thrilling. Maybe because it's so exciting after looking at Government contracts all day. Anyway, it's been sunny and beautiful for about the last two weeks, and last night a big change happened! It got really windy and rainy, which is odd. They just don't get many soaking rains here. It usually comes as snow in the winter and thunderstorms in Summer. It poured all day, and didn't get above 50 degrees. The cool part is they were reporting that the snow level was around 5500 feet (we couldn't see though, the clouds really obscure the mountains when it rains).
So after work I took Esther along for a trip to Snowbasin, the really big ski resort next to town. There is just something magical about driving through the rain, rounding a corner, and seeing the hills just gleaming white with snow. The rain changed to snow in midair before the entrance to the resort. Just wierd to leave green grass and trees at home, and 15 mins later you're in a snow storm. The pic to the right is me surrounded by the ski runs at Snowbasin. Can't wait to take my mountain bike down them in a few weeks!

Esther also enjoying the elements!!
We do miss all friends and family. I just wish everybody could be here. The people are so nice, but there's that Pennsylvania/philly flavor that I guess we'll always miss. And speaking of things we miss...... the smell of honeysuckle blowing through your window when you're driving around at dusk. Definitely felt that out near Hershey over the weekend. But, 92 degrees with no humidity is actually pretty comfortable! (PS- Just checked the weather forecast for Philly. Hopefully these pics will cool you down on Friday!). Breathe in the h0neysuckle for us!!


Crystal B said...

philly misses you too! and jim was just commenting yesterday on the honeysuckle, so it's funny to see you commenting on it now.

although i gotta say, i miss snow....almost as much as i miss you guys!!


Mom said...

Hey Ben,

Dad and I saw the weather forecast for your area with snow etc. while enjoying Ocean City!!

Just remember you could have been a meteorologist with the Air Force (plus a full ride at St. Joe's -- but that's a story to remember another day...)

Anyway, Dad and I just got back from O.C. N.J. It was great!! No snow whatsoever!!! Thanks to all of you for that gift. Will e-mail you all later with more details.

Love you, and it was a good visit, especially Sunday.

Stephanie said...

i agree with crystal about missing you guys... Bible Study and church just aren't the same...

I am so excited to start planning my trip to see you in Aug/Sept!! And Esther said you'll be back for a week-ish in July! I'm definately counting down the days!

love you both dearly!