Sunday, June 17, 2007


After a month and a half in Utah, we had our first moose sighting!! Can you spot him??

After a trip into the mountains, this HUGE moose was crossing the road on our way back. It's hard to describe the feeling you get when you round a bend and see this huge moose standing in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, while we were rooting for the camera, a motorcyclist came from the other direction and spooked the moose into the woods.

Taking the CRV into the mountains rocked! Lots of dirt roads spring off the highway, and we found one that led to the top of a 9000FT summit. After seeing all those car commercials where they drive off-road and park on top of a bald, windy summit, it was super cool to actually do it!! And the elevation differences around here are pretty interesting. Yesterday was the hottest day so far along the Wasatch front, up to 98 degrees. But on top of that mountain it was in the 60's and breezy.

We finished our Saturday at one of the places we'll be taking some people up for a wilder time who come and visit. The Shooting Star saloon is the oldest continuously operating bar in Utah, since 1871. It's famous for burgers, and since it serves full-strength beer, nobody under 21 is allowed to enter. It was full of bikers and has a pretty rowdy feel. There's a stuffed St. Bernard's head on the wall. Apparantly it used to greet visitors to an Inn at Yellowstone park, and it grew to a size that made the Guiness book of world records a few decades back. When it died, its owner couldn't part with it and had it stuffed. Anyway, it's hard to beat this place for character, and the burgers were really good.

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Crystal B said...

lucky you guys, seeing a moose! i was so upset the weekend we spent in maine--not one single moose!

glad you guys are enjoying utah so much, although we certainly miss you out here!