Thursday, June 14, 2007

Locomotives are HUGE!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for their encouragement about the house. We really hope we're able to show anyone who comes to visit the west a very good time. And it looks like a lot of people would have the privacy of their own room if there's a crowd. We miss everyone, and are excited for Natalie and family moving to Idaho!!

Ok, have to put some dude stuff on here. At the end of 25th street, which is the quaint street with coffee shops and great stores, is Union station. They did a really good job of loading it with museums and shops. It still is a major railroad hub, but they've permanently stored some historic train cars to check out, from the old, powerful HUGE locomotives to a more recent 2002 Olympic car.I wanted to post this picture to put it all in perspective. This stuff is huge!!

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Kate said...

haha; your comment made me laugh out loud for some reason...and it wasn't even meant to be funny in the least! :) My plans...I have been filling out teaching applications out the wazoo. It seems that there is always some other paper that I didn't realize. Anyway, my first choice is to move to Charlotte NC. I've been in touch with recruiters, etc, and am planning a visit down there for a week for interviews in July. My stuff is in for the state of PA, but.... first choice is NC. My entire family is coming home next week which will be FANTASTIC! Both nephews and 1 niece together for the first time. More later. :) Kate