Monday, June 18, 2007

If you feed a Moose a muffin

We were invited to the home of a couple at our church for dinner tonight. Jamie and Nathan have 2 kids, Micah (3) and Lydia (1). Also invited were Hannah, Brett and Benjamin (7mos). I spent some time reading books to Micah and was introduced to IF YOU FEED A MOOSE A MUFFIN...same author of IF YOU FEED A MOUSE A COOKIE. :) We are having so much fun getting to know new people and are so thrilled that people are extending invitations. We have another for Sat evening at the home of Rick and Barbi Proffer who live about 5 blocks from where our new home in Ogden will be. By the way, after the inspection was complete, we asked the seller to fix a few things and provide some extra $ for additional minor repairs needed on the house. He counteroffered and agreed to fix the requests and bring the cost of the home down to $162,000.00! Can you believe we are buying a home for that!? We are so thrilled with God's faithfulness.

I keep remembering all of the times when Ben has gotten so discouraged in the past year and a half, and how I would remind him of God's promises and tell him that God has something planned for us beyond our wildest dreams if we are only willing to listen, trust, follow and obey. We are now seeing those promises becoming realities and are so encouraged by each one! Our new pastor, Don, has been preaching through Joshua and every Sunday we are reminded of God's promises to the nation of Isreal and how He was so faithful even when they were not...and how true is that of us everyday in our own lives? Just think, if we could be more obedient, more faithful ourselves, more trusting in God's promises...what would God do in us?...through us? I challenge you to sit with that thought...spend some time praying, reading scripture, meditating and listening to God's reply. How does he want you to be obedient today?


Anonymous said...


I returned your call.. feel free to call me whenever works for you! I am excited to figure out vacation plans! And catch up a bit... exciting news from me =D

Love you! (& Ben too!!)

~Stephanie B

Anonymous said...

Also.. there are two more stories in that "collection".. IF YOU GIVE A PIG A PANCAKE and IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO SCHOOL.

All are very cute.

~Stephanie B

Crystal B said...

yay! glad to hear such good news!

p.s. there are actually a bunch of books in that series. my nephew ryan LOVES them! they include "if you give a mouse a cookie", "if you give a moose a muffin", "if you give a pig a pancake", "if you take a mouse to school", "if you take a mouse to the movies", "if you give a pig a party", and there are a few that are not currently available. the author also has some cute books about what mommies do and what daddies do....good info for you guys for someday!

miss you..