Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Big Week!

We're really excited to close on the house on Tues, and hopefully move in on Thursday. We walked through the house yesterday, and the tenants still had a LOT of stuff in there. Yes, the pool table still occupies the formal dining room! My dad well advised us to ensure that the owner has everything out of the house at closing, otherwise we'll be stuck with it. I took this picture from across the street. I love the moutains in the backround. To the right is Mount Ogden, which I'll be staring at for a long time.

Esther is having a lot of fun looking around at furniture/decorating/remodeling options. She's found us a great sofa (they don't use the word couch out here...hmmmm) as well as a nice padded bench, kind of Victorian inspired..... I'm not good at describing this stuff. I'm pretty much focused on resurfacing the hardwood floors throughout, and finding a good shade tree to plant in the front yard.

We hear it's really nice back east. Please enjoy it for us! I think today it's supposed to hit 101 degrees. It is wierd though. During the day, in the sun, it's pretty much unbearable. But the shade is always nice, since there's no humidity the breezes feel cool. And after 7PM, it's just great outside.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys! And it was great talking to you the other night, Ben!

I talked to my friend and Ben - he has to see about a couple things at work so I'll probably know at the end of the week if he can come too or not. Anyway, What it looks like so far is that Me (with or without Ben) will fly out there Friday, August 31st and stay until either Monday or Tuesday September 3rd or 4th (whatever works best for you guys, please let me know!) and then I'll be going on to Oregon and Ben will be coming back here-ish.

So there's the plan so far! Let me know if that works for you!

Love you!

~Stephanie B

Mom said...

You grew up calling a sofa so that shouldn't be too big of an adjustment. (You always were kind of a sofa potato, not a couch potato.)

Beth said...

I love the front view of your house with the mountains in the background. A beautiful display of God's glory and majesty! Love you both!