Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We hit a snag...

But we still keep trucking. So we have spent some time every business day for the last week getting paperwork in order for the closing on our house...and even today we were running we were getting frustrated but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with closing being scheduled at 1pm today...and then we found out they had to reschedule for 4pm, needing more time to get the loan in order...then we found out that closing will be tomorrow b/c they did all of the paperwork in the wrong sales $3,000...yikes! So, tomorrow we will buy our house...WHAT A DAY! Our realtor was nearly in tears when she told us we had to delay closing another was one of those moments when you have to remember how much grace God has extended to you...and then be ready to do the same. They screwed up. There is no getting around it, but I just couldn't help but think..."this is a moment to be Christ to these people" and to remember that I too, am a screw-up...and I was able to not cry, yell or show my frustration in any unhealthy way, which considering the day we had already had, was pretty much a miracle! So, keep us in your prayers that we will continue to be Christ to our realtors and mortgage people...and that we WILL buy our house tomorrow. I can't believe it...we are going to OWN A HOME...or at least 3% of it...hehe

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Big Week!

We're really excited to close on the house on Tues, and hopefully move in on Thursday. We walked through the house yesterday, and the tenants still had a LOT of stuff in there. Yes, the pool table still occupies the formal dining room! My dad well advised us to ensure that the owner has everything out of the house at closing, otherwise we'll be stuck with it. I took this picture from across the street. I love the moutains in the backround. To the right is Mount Ogden, which I'll be staring at for a long time.

Esther is having a lot of fun looking around at furniture/decorating/remodeling options. She's found us a great sofa (they don't use the word couch out here...hmmmm) as well as a nice padded bench, kind of Victorian inspired..... I'm not good at describing this stuff. I'm pretty much focused on resurfacing the hardwood floors throughout, and finding a good shade tree to plant in the front yard.

We hear it's really nice back east. Please enjoy it for us! I think today it's supposed to hit 101 degrees. It is wierd though. During the day, in the sun, it's pretty much unbearable. But the shade is always nice, since there's no humidity the breezes feel cool. And after 7PM, it's just great outside.

Monday, June 18, 2007

If you feed a Moose a muffin

We were invited to the home of a couple at our church for dinner tonight. Jamie and Nathan have 2 kids, Micah (3) and Lydia (1). Also invited were Hannah, Brett and Benjamin (7mos). I spent some time reading books to Micah and was introduced to IF YOU FEED A MOOSE A MUFFIN...same author of IF YOU FEED A MOUSE A COOKIE. :) We are having so much fun getting to know new people and are so thrilled that people are extending invitations. We have another for Sat evening at the home of Rick and Barbi Proffer who live about 5 blocks from where our new home in Ogden will be. By the way, after the inspection was complete, we asked the seller to fix a few things and provide some extra $ for additional minor repairs needed on the house. He counteroffered and agreed to fix the requests and bring the cost of the home down to $162,000.00! Can you believe we are buying a home for that!? We are so thrilled with God's faithfulness.

I keep remembering all of the times when Ben has gotten so discouraged in the past year and a half, and how I would remind him of God's promises and tell him that God has something planned for us beyond our wildest dreams if we are only willing to listen, trust, follow and obey. We are now seeing those promises becoming realities and are so encouraged by each one! Our new pastor, Don, has been preaching through Joshua and every Sunday we are reminded of God's promises to the nation of Isreal and how He was so faithful even when they were not...and how true is that of us everyday in our own lives? Just think, if we could be more obedient, more faithful ourselves, more trusting in God's promises...what would God do in us?...through us? I challenge you to sit with that thought...spend some time praying, reading scripture, meditating and listening to God's reply. How does he want you to be obedient today?

Sunday, June 17, 2007


After a month and a half in Utah, we had our first moose sighting!! Can you spot him??

After a trip into the mountains, this HUGE moose was crossing the road on our way back. It's hard to describe the feeling you get when you round a bend and see this huge moose standing in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, while we were rooting for the camera, a motorcyclist came from the other direction and spooked the moose into the woods.

Taking the CRV into the mountains rocked! Lots of dirt roads spring off the highway, and we found one that led to the top of a 9000FT summit. After seeing all those car commercials where they drive off-road and park on top of a bald, windy summit, it was super cool to actually do it!! And the elevation differences around here are pretty interesting. Yesterday was the hottest day so far along the Wasatch front, up to 98 degrees. But on top of that mountain it was in the 60's and breezy.

We finished our Saturday at one of the places we'll be taking some people up for a wilder time who come and visit. The Shooting Star saloon is the oldest continuously operating bar in Utah, since 1871. It's famous for burgers, and since it serves full-strength beer, nobody under 21 is allowed to enter. It was full of bikers and has a pretty rowdy feel. There's a stuffed St. Bernard's head on the wall. Apparantly it used to greet visitors to an Inn at Yellowstone park, and it grew to a size that made the Guiness book of world records a few decades back. When it died, its owner couldn't part with it and had it stuffed. Anyway, it's hard to beat this place for character, and the burgers were really good.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Locomotives are HUGE!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for their encouragement about the house. We really hope we're able to show anyone who comes to visit the west a very good time. And it looks like a lot of people would have the privacy of their own room if there's a crowd. We miss everyone, and are excited for Natalie and family moving to Idaho!!

Ok, have to put some dude stuff on here. At the end of 25th street, which is the quaint street with coffee shops and great stores, is Union station. They did a really good job of loading it with museums and shops. It still is a major railroad hub, but they've permanently stored some historic train cars to check out, from the old, powerful HUGE locomotives to a more recent 2002 Olympic car.I wanted to post this picture to put it all in perspective. This stuff is huge!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home Inspection

Our home inspection was on Monday and went well. It looks like we are buying a great old house! There are some minor things to be taken care of, but nothing major, so we are relieved. We were able to take some pics of the inside of the house while there. Keep in mind that the house is occupied by several bachelors at the moment. So, there will be LOTS of re-decorating. :) The pics can be viewed on our Flikr account, which there is a link to under FUN STUFF on this page. Let us know what you think. We are particularly fond of the fireplace and the backyard. Pics do not do it justice. You will just have to come and see for yourselves. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Utah Weather

Ok, I am definitely a HUGE weather nerd. There's just something about seeing dramatic changes around you that are thrilling. Maybe because it's so exciting after looking at Government contracts all day. Anyway, it's been sunny and beautiful for about the last two weeks, and last night a big change happened! It got really windy and rainy, which is odd. They just don't get many soaking rains here. It usually comes as snow in the winter and thunderstorms in Summer. It poured all day, and didn't get above 50 degrees. The cool part is they were reporting that the snow level was around 5500 feet (we couldn't see though, the clouds really obscure the mountains when it rains).
So after work I took Esther along for a trip to Snowbasin, the really big ski resort next to town. There is just something magical about driving through the rain, rounding a corner, and seeing the hills just gleaming white with snow. The rain changed to snow in midair before the entrance to the resort. Just wierd to leave green grass and trees at home, and 15 mins later you're in a snow storm. The pic to the right is me surrounded by the ski runs at Snowbasin. Can't wait to take my mountain bike down them in a few weeks!

Esther also enjoying the elements!!
We do miss all friends and family. I just wish everybody could be here. The people are so nice, but there's that Pennsylvania/philly flavor that I guess we'll always miss. And speaking of things we miss...... the smell of honeysuckle blowing through your window when you're driving around at dusk. Definitely felt that out near Hershey over the weekend. But, 92 degrees with no humidity is actually pretty comfortable! (PS- Just checked the weather forecast for Philly. Hopefully these pics will cool you down on Friday!). Breathe in the h0neysuckle for us!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

My Husband Has Returned!!!

I couldn't be happier since Ben's flight came in last night! I missed him and was pretty lonely while he was gone! It was a mere 3 nights and 4 days, but at times it felt a lot longer than that. Anyway, I am so happy to have him home! He had a great time at Dave's wedding and visiting with family. I was sorry to miss seeing everyone, but I have to admit, I did not envy Ben's trip home since it was so quick and he likely spent more time in travel (plane and car) than actually visiting with anyone...but he had fun nonetheless. He was exhausted by the time we got home and we just had dinner and enough time to catch up before his head hit the pillow and he was out...but I was so happy to have him home, it didn't even matter that I only had him to myself for a little over an hour. BUT HE IS HOME!!!!!! YAY!