Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We've made an offer...

Ok, so we made an offer on a house today. We LOVE this house...not that we can't live without it, but it just seems like it is just what we were looking for. Here is a link so you can see the front of the house and the specs:
We will be keeping you up to date on how things go, but we are quite hopeful that we have made a great offer and will find no major problems. We continue to pray for God's guidance in this endeavor...there are so many new things to consider and it is the biggest investment of our lives to date. (although combined education costs are close at these housing prices ;)
Please pray with us about a smooth closing and God's leading in our decision making. I feel confident that He has led us to this home and has allowed us to be blessed in being able to make an offer on such a lovely place.
I am most confident that each and every one of our visitors will be most comfortable in this home. There are three bedrooms on the main floor along with a full bath, a kitchen, dining room and living room (with gorgeous fireplace). The "basement" has a garage, living room, storage space, laundry room, bedroom, kitchen/dining space and bathroom with shower. So, with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, hosting will be our pleasure. Hardwood floors are in the main floor living, dining and bedrooms. The kitchen and hall have tile. Downstairs is carpet (that needs updating) and tera-cota tiling. It has a beautiful patio and backyard which is fenced for a dog. We would be blessed and honored to own this home, care for it and host lots of loved ones! Please pray with and for us. We'll know if the offer is accepted by the end of the week!


Beth said...

Sounds perfect!!! I hope and pray that it all works out. Love you!

ps- I'll bring beer for Ben when I visit :)

Besther said...

HAHAHAHA...heheheh...lol...i can just imagine you trying to get through security with a case of guiness in your carry on! haha...i love it! ~es

Natalie said...

Esther, we can bring Ben some beer in June when we come. =) what is his favorite?