Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some pics from Ben

I love how different Esther and I are! She got all the details down so now I can throw some pictures up to illustrate, plus my two cents! Ok, the snowy picture up there of me and the mountain is from Wyoming, that's Elk Mtn at 11,000FT, and yes it really is May 7th. We read how that's the northern part of the Snowy Mtn Range, and lots of caribou and stuff come down from there in the winter to eat grass and sage that is exposed by the wind. And yes, it was windy!!

We also passed a truck with an... um... interesting decoration hung between the dually exhaust. Mom says she's seen this before, but it was new for me and I was cracking up!!

The pic with the snow at the tippy top is the view of the Wasatch Mtns from the base. Like Esther said, everywhere you go you just see it and you're awed. The pics don't really do it justice. It's humbling to be confronted with this wall of Earth that God move to such heights. I think that's about 9-10,000ft.

The Wasatch is broken up by streams coming out, that form canyons where they build roads to get to the other side. In New England I guess they call them gaps. Anyway, Ogden is situated right in front of one, at 12th street, hence the 12th Street Canyon. On the other side, 15 mins from downtown, is the Pine View Res. , formed by a dam. There were pretty big power boats zooming along, which made me think of my brother. Around the water there are two small towns, Hutsville and Eden, which are pretty sparse and include a lot of horse pasture. And ALL AROUND ARE HUGE MOUNTAINS!! They hold 3 ski resorts, the best known is Snowbasin, which hosted the Super G and Downhill ski events in the 02 Olympics. So for all these reasons, we're hoping to find an old house in Ogden, so we can ride bikes downtown but also get to the canyon relatively easy.

Some things remind me of home. Further down the valley, things are booming. Kind of like the sprawl back home, but somehow it's a little better. There are more alt. routes, and they didn't make things dependent on a few main arteries which creates al the gridlock (King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, cough cough!). For those who think there are less eating options here and things are more backward then Philly, you're in for quite a surprise! They have EVERYTHING and more! Olive Garden, Outback, Cracker Barrel, Marie Calenders (new for me, but my favorite so far!) and many many more. We went to our lender's office and he was next to a Japanese steak house. Across the street was a Brazilian steak house, and a block down there was Outback. Wow, we need to start excersising because Per Diem and these options are getting me out of shape.

I think I'll post more about work and stuff later. this is getting long. But we really do miss friends and family. We hope for visitors, we really can show you a good time!


Beth said...

I can't see in the picture what decoration is hung on the truck... but I'm very curious as to what it is...

Mountains- wow. Beautiful! You know so much. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Beth doesn't want to know... Does she Ben?