Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mountains rock!

I really, really appreciate the offers to donate real beer from dear family and friends! I can't wait to repay everyone with some guided hikes in the foothills around these parts, and for those who partake, I will buy you a Polygamy Pale Ale at Rooster's brew pub in Ogden (why have just one!) Ha!

Anywho, after 2 straight weeks of beautiful, sunny weather, it got rainy and cool on Tuesday. So I was wondering what happpened up in the mountains...... and ...... it snowed!! Above was the view from our apartment balcony.
So after that CRAZY weather, it went back to beautiful and sunny again. Don't worry, I hear we'll pay for it in July and August when it gets close to 100 degrees EVERY DAY! Anywhoot, today was amazingly clear, and we had a great view of what we call the "Salt Lake City mountains". These are just outside the city and host the Alta and Snowbird ski resorts. Snowbird just ended their season last week, when it was 90 degrees here in the valley. So they're really high, and good visibility plus the sunset really made for a great picture below. We had to drive a half mile from the apartment for this shot. Keep in mind, these mountains are 45 miles away!!

And the pic below is Rascal..... just being Rascal.


Natalie said...

love the pic of rascal! ha!

Besther said...

he is SO BAD sometimes...but we love him anyway...i just couldn't believe he got up there! i couldn't even yell at him, it was so cute!

Beth said...

"Anywhoot"? Who says that?

Nice view of the mountains!

You picked the perfect name for your cat. He IS a rascal!

crystal b said...

i LOVE that picture of rascal! reminds me of that day i came over an d he was climbing up the piles of furniture and the boxes and stuff, although i think this picture trumps it!