Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So, it may be difficult to imagine, or even believe, but I really did climb a mountain...not a huge one, but big enough to give that view that Ben showed below. It was intense. There were some moments when I just thought I'd give up b/c it was really hard to breathe (due to the altitude) and my legs were hurting...I'm still working on getting back into shape. But I stopped for breaks a lot, prayed for strength and finally reached the top to see the gorgeous waterfall and view of Ogden. Let me tell you, I was brought to tears being up there after the climb. The combination of God's majesty in full view as well as the accomplishment of the climb (and a little bit of fear of going back down the steep, loose dirt & rock to the trail) were simply overwhelming. It was a moment of praise and glory given to God...I hope that if you don't already know what I am talking about, that you will each experience this at some point...maybe on a hike in Utah. :)

By the way, Ben was great. He didn't push me, but encouraged me, he didn't complain (but I did send him ahead when I wasn't sure I would make it) and he loved me through it and told me he was proud of me. I was pretty proud of him. He didn't seem to mind the higher altitude as much as I did (I guess that's what makes him a mountain man) but I will say that on the way back down, he mentioned his quads were feeling it and mine were loving the stretch (that would be the runner vs. the walker/stair-stepper...he felt strong going up, I felt strong going down)...anyway, it was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again and again.

Ben didn't mention that we attended a SLC Bees game, AAA baseball, on Friday. It was a fun game. They had fireworks and we saw 19 new Air Force recruits take their vows, a bald eagle "accompanied" the singer of the national anthem (on the arm of the zookeeper), and a helicopter flew over the field really low. Not bad for a small city. Definitely different than Philly crowds, much quieter. :) We enjoyed it, and to add to the fun, we saw friends from church...yep, we actually recognized people somewhere other than at church or on base! What an encouragement!

The Memorial Day picnic at our new pastor's home was lovely. We met some new people and got to know our pastor, Don Krafft, and his wife, Elizabeth better. We are very excited about this new church. It is amazing to find a place that is so similar to Pilgrim (our beloved Philly church) in Utah. It is much smaller, but the people are just as real and genuine and open and we feel right at home.

2 things to close tonight...Ben is leaving on Thursday for 4 days, 3 nights for Dave's wedding and although I know I will be fine, and already have some plans with church friends (my only friends here so far), I am a little concerned that I will feel homesick here alone without Ben. Please remember me in your prayers over the weekend. He comes home Sunday evening.

The other thing is that one of my friends asked about commenting on the blog. To comment, click on COMMENTS below any of the posts and it will open a new window. You will see any comments left by others as well as replies from Ben or I. To make a comment, type in the comment box and either put your name with your comment and sign it "anonymous" or use your name with "other". Another hint, if you have a name that might be common, use a last initial or nickname that we will recognize...that makes it easy for us to know who says what. And we always check the comments to see who is reading the blog and what you all think about it...especially since we don't talk to most of you regularly! I hope you will comment...LOVE YA!


Esther said...

To comment, type in the box to the right and then click "other" and leave your name. Click "Publish yur comment" when you are done!

Natalie said...

you are too cute.

Beth said...

I'm so impressed with you, Esther. You're becoming a real mountain woman.

So what's wrong with the Philly crowds, huh?? : )

I'm sorry you're going to be alone for 4 days... that stinks! I wish I could be there to keep you company. : (

Stephanie said...

If you need to talk at all while Ben's away, you can always call me. I'll have some time to kill on Saturday while driving to Ben's house and back.

The philly church misses you a LOT.

Kate said...

hahah...I am back. I was only back for 2 days and then I left for Minneapolis because Paul graduated with his MDiv. degree. I'll post pictures soon enough though! :) It was wonderful and beautiful!