Sunday, May 6, 2007

I actually saw TUMBLEWEED!!!!

I never in my life thought I would spend a minute, let alone 2 days in Wyoming! But this is God's country out is so open and beautiful. From plains to bluffs to snowy mountains and western towns with WRANGLER stores...yep, we went shopping!!! hehe

Ok, going back a bit...I LOVED CHICAGO!!! This is one city that I have always wanted to see. I couldn't tell you why, but now, I could give you several reasons to definitely visit the windy city. First off, yes it is windy, but Lake Michigan is BLUE as can be and makes it worth the wind. The city is so clean. In May, and probably all spring & summer there are flowers all over the city. You literally can't go more than a few blocks, if that, without seeing colorful flowerbeds. There is almost no trash, even with the wind, and as for people living on the street, we only saw a few. And one guy was "selling" postcards for donations and giving city information to tourists although he was self-proclamed "down on his luck". He had a brochure for a shelter that he was "working" with. Interesting. I wonder if Philly has anything like that. The food, as Ben said, was amazing. We loved the pizza. I personally have never had better pizza. Oh, and it was filled with sausage, pepperoni and black olive Bethie. :) SOOOOO GOOD! That alone was worth the trip. The train was easy to use, the double decker bus tour was worth the money, Navy Pier is a really fun family place and Sear Tower is soooooo cool. I have never seen views like that. And Lake Michigan looks like an ocean from the is humongous. (did i spell that correctly?) People were friendly, but still a little city walled, like they will only open up so much...but still friendly and helpful, make eye contact and answer questions.

The dinner we had at FLAVOR in southern Chicago, was awesome and started the Chicago trip off really well. We couldn't have had better food in Chicago, or better weather or more fun. I will always recommend this city for a weekend getaway.

Ok, so when we left Chicago, we were disappointed with the lunch we had in Iowa. We stopped at a "family restaurant" that was really a truck stop in a town of 900. It smelled bad...the bathroom was worse...the menu looked cheap and it seemed extensive. Ben asked right away about the pies (the first thing he noticed while I was trying to breath in the smelly place). The waitress immedaitely explained that they cook the pies there, but the get them frozen. What? I then asked about the blueberry pancakes and was told that the blueberries are canned and are put on top. What? So i thought, ok a burger is easy, can't mess that up, right? I would have preffered McDonalds...that's how bad it was. It was a flat, perfefctly round patty of SOME beef...$4 later and I ate 1/2 of it and asked for mozzerella sticks which were good, but then they are always frozen before fried, right? It was a huge dissapointment, but our Omaha, NE steak dinner more than made up for it. And we learned a sure to eat in a place that smells good. :) hehe, like i didn't know that... oh well. Oh, and we found a great BBQ place for lunch further along in NE and that carried us all the way to Cheyanne, WY where we settled for a quick, cheap Sonic dinner. Ben had never eaten Sonic before and he loved the banana cream milk shake.

We decided to spend 2 nights in Cheyenne at the Holiday Inn, which is great. So this is our second night here and we drove through the mountains today so Ben could see Laramie, Wy which is supposed to be an authentic western town, but was a huge dissapointment, especially considering we drove through snow...yes, snow in get to it. Actually, I drove and it was insane driving in snow in the Rockies! Insane!!! So, Laramie was disappointing b/c there wasn't much to see in the town and being that it was Sunday, not much was open. Yeah, probably the biggest culture shock so far is that things close by 8pm on Saturday evening and don't open till noon if at all on Sundays. I don't know if that will be that way in Ogden, but I guess I'll have to adjust my way of thinking.

Ok, going back again, (sorry for jumping all over, that is just the mood I'm in) we loved Nebraska and Wyoming's scenery. We actually saw tumbleweeds cross the highway and have seen things that I couldn't even imagine, like a schoolhouse in the middle of nowhere with a small playground, a b'ball court...and literally like a 2 room building. Tiny!

Tomorrow we head into Ogden, so I finally get to see where we are going to be living. We'll get to base and check into our room and hopefully get them to grant us our 30 day stay...which is supposed to turn into a 60 day stay. They called this week to tell us that they can only guarantee us for 3 days and it will be a day at a time after that. So you can pray with us that we confirm our reservation on base or that we find appropriate housing until we buy a place. It could be a little hairy at first, but we are trusting that God has a plan for us in this and that we will be fine, one way or another by God's provision. We love you and miss you and covet your prayers and love in return!
PS I'll put pics up later.


Beth said...

Wow! That was a long post! I loved reading about your trip. It was so exciting. And thanks for the info on the pizza. I was wondering if that was a black olive. I know that you like them- especially with bacon!!!

We'll definitely pray that the living situation works out. Love you!

Kate said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventure across the make the descriptions of everything such a good read. hahaha Love ya, Nutter Butter

jporter said...

Surprise, here I am! I have loved reading of your travels. I'm so glad you took time to do fun things along the way and enjoy new places to see! I'm truly excited for what living in Utah will mean for you both... definitely thinking of you and praying for your adjustment there, etc. Oh and by the way, I love the pic of you two by the Utah column in DC--the photographer did a great job! Haha, in all seriousness, that was a very special day that I was thankful to spend with you guys, especially before your big move! Take care! Love yas!

Anonymous said...

Love you guys! Your presence is DEFINATELY missed at Bible Study. Glad to hear that you've made it in one piece and I'll be looking for further updates in your lives as you adjust.

Counting down the days until Aug/Sept!


Crystal B said...

hey guys!!! glad you made it safely there...christo gave us an update tonight and directed us to the site. like stephanie said, you guys are very missed, but know that we're praying for you out there! hope to hear from you again soon!!!

p.s. let me know when you get your little cottage! :-)