Saturday, May 19, 2007

House Hunting!

So, we have been busy with our Ogden, Ut house hunting. We have seen about 10 houses. A couple were complete dumps, a couple were nice, but not for us...and I think we have narrowed it down to our 3 favorites. They range in price from $150,000-$169,900, have lots of charm, hardwood, tile and carpeted floors.
One has a whole new main floor with hardwood living room (LR), tiled Kitchen & dining room (DR), 2 carpeted bedrooms (BR), full bath and laundry. The basement is not 100% finished but has potential with 2 more BRs, a bath that needs complete work, a half kitchen (mother-in-law apt style) and another LR. The outside needs some love, paint, style, flowers, but it has a gorgeous huge tree out front and awesome mountain views. It is white (sorta, dirty) siding.
Another has had a Mormon family there forever and is a great value with 3 upstairs BRs, with a walk in closet, and a bath. The main floor has a somewhat updated kitchen, a full bath, a big LR with picture window, DR, office space but it is all carpeted (we are pretty sure there are hardwoods underneath). The basement has laundry, storage, 2 BRs, a basement entrance, a bath with shower. This house has tons of storage and cabinets EVERYWHERE...very charming. The outside has a driveway with garage, another driveway with covered carport, veggie garden, small fenced yard (for a doggie!) gorgeous irises and roses (makes me think of grandma and granny!) and is a corner lot on a nice quiet street only blocks from the river. It is brick and white siding.
The third house is a corner lot in town, great location. It is brick, has steps leading up to the front (reminds me of the Main street house), has a gorgeous fully fenced back yard with landscaping, stone path, perfect spot for a swing, a patio for grilling & relaxing, is perfect for a dog. The main floor has big windows out front into the LR and DR. LR has a really charming fireplace, wood floors throughout the floor, 3 bedrooms with closets, the kitchen and bath will need some updating but are move in ready. There is beautiful molding on every door and window, built in drawers and cabinet in hallway wall. Charming. The basement has another LR, big garage that is walk-in, and a terr-cota tiled hallway, small kitchen and full bath (remind me of Sarasota, Fl). There is also a small BR and more storage space. It is HUGE, but cozy and not too big for us.

We think all three have the potential for growing into (another cat, a dog...and maybe some babies someday;) as well as hosting as many people as want to come and visit. So, we'll be praying a lot this weekend and let you know what we decide to do since we will probably make an offer on one of the next week.

It is so exciting to be about to buy a house and make it our own and see what God has in store for us. I am still working on getting my cert completed, my graduation is tomorrow! So, that will be official. YAY! And then I will be applying to jobs and hopefully interviewing. It is a lot to handle at once, but I'm trying to be balanced. Keep me in your prayers with this. Ben seems to be adjusting really well to work at the Air Force, but I know he really misses his friends at NAV ICP in Philly.

We are thrilled that we haven't had a bad meal here yet, we have found so many awesome places to eat and can't wait to share them with you when you come visit. You will not be disappointed! The more we learn about this area, the more thrilled we are to live here and to have a great vacation spot for friends and family to visit...if you haven't planned this year's vacation yet, consider a trip to Utah, and like I said, you will not be disappointed. Between the unbelievable views, amazing food, tons of things to do and see (don't get Ben started) and a free place to can't go wrong. Seriously, I just wanted people to visit us before, but now I am so amazed at the beauty and wonder of this place and truly hope you all take advantage of us living here in the next few years.

Ok, enough. LOVE YOU! MISS YOU!


Beth said...

Wow- they sound perfect! Can't wait to visit... I'll talk to Phil and see what we can do. Of course I would come just to see you and Ben, but you are making the area sound really nice and inviting. It's working!

Natalie said...

i'll come when Bethie does! :)

Besther said...

HAHA...can't wait to have you both N & B, but Natta, you will have no excuse to not come I will not have an excuse to visit you....but YOU BETTER COME WHEN Bethie DOES TOO!! hehe...that will rock...and we'll have plenty of room if we get the one we think we want! blah blah blah...i'm excited...

Beth said...

You two (E and N) are the best!!! I can't wait to see you both. I'm going to start planning... right now.