Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Go West Young Man (Woman and cat)!

So, yesterday the movers came and did EVERYTHING!!! It was amazing. We literally just got out of the way and let them work. It took longer than we expected, though. They arrived at around 9:30am and were finished at 4:30pm...so yeah, we got on the road at 5pm. A bit later than we expected, but we were not stressed at all b/c of how smooth the move was for us. We got up at 7am and finished a few things here and there, ran last minute errands, the movers arrived, we put Rascal in the car and then our landlord came to give us our deposit check. He walked around, said ok (in the midst of piles of stuff, 3 rather large men with boxes & packing marerial) and said goodbye. How easy was that? We sat in the car in the shade with Rascal after settling him in and making all of out stuff fit. He, by the way, had a VERY STRESSFUL day. Or so he thought anyway. He positioned himself under the driver's seat and didn't come out all day, not to eat, drink, or use the litter. He was very upset with us and ignored all of our coaxing. We think he was expecting to go to the vet again. Anyway, we had lunch in the shade (yay baja fresh), checked in on the guys, offered soda, water and pizza for their hard work...and then we cleaned up after they loaded everything into the car. They filled a 25 foot moving truck with all of our stuff. Yes, we have a lot of stuff...but they used soooooo much packing stuff, it pretty much doubles the space. Pretty cool! When we got on the road, we went through the toll booth, and headed EAST...what? Yeah, Ben accidentally went East out of habit from visiting his parent's home. HAHA We U turned asap and then, we headed WEST!!! We drove the PA Turnpike to Bedford, PA and stayed the night. Once Rascal was in the room, he was fine again. We slept fine, had a nice breakfast and headed to Beaver Falls, PA where we now are! We are heading to Geneva College's campus and then to dinner with Natalie, Oz and Caleb (he was 3 yesterday!!!). So, our trip is going really well and we are so excited to head to Chicago tomorrow. Thank you for all of your prayers! We love our friends and family and are so blessed to have you in our lives. Stay in touch with us, ok??? :)


Beth said...

Wow! I wasn't expecting a post so soon!

I'm glad your move hasn't been too stressful. How was dinner with Nat, Aaron, and Caleb tonight? How was your visit to Geneva?

We'll definitely keep in touch.

Love you and miss you.

Natalie said...

dinner was so fun! i bet next time caleb sees you he'll want you to "show him sumping" =) see you next month. drive safe. and buy some Huggies for the trip.

sean's smitty said...

yay! you're on the move! we'll be praying for safety as you drive!