Thursday, May 3, 2007

Crossing Ohio & Indiana

We left the Pittsburgh area this morning and drove across Ohio and Indiana to arrive in Harvey, Illinois for the night. We had a great visit at Geneva College where I ran into Sarah Romeo who is a young camp friend and a junior el ed major there. She is such a lovely young woman. I was so impressed with her and am so proud of her and what God is doing in her life! :) We also had a great dinner and visit with Nat, Oz & Caleb. Caleb loved the b'day card we gave him and he is such a sweetie, and well behaved for 3. We are completely looking forward to more and more time with these dear friends who are moving to Idaho (4.5 hours from Ogden) next month.

A few travel notes. Ohio is boring and has lots of construction, but has wonderful rest stops (clean, effecient) and the tolls to cross the entire state were under $11. Indiana had less construction, less tolls (under $5) but not as nice rest stops and just as boring (by boring we mean not much but farms to see from I 80 and pretty flat).

We split the driving and passed the time listening to music and reading. I am reading aloud to Ben b/c he gets sick reading in the car, so when he drives I read chapters from Harry Potter 3, The Prisoner Of Azkaban. This is my favorite of the 6 so far and I am so excited to read it aloud and hear Ben's reactions. :) haha I know, cheesy, right? hehe

We did have a lovely stop in South Bend, Indiana where we visited Norte Dame. What a beautiful campus! I can't say that I ever would have expected it to be so gorgeous. We had a lovely stroll through campus (we couldn't have asked for better weather) and visited a few buildings. We then drove on toward Chicago and hit the first "traffic" we had seen since leaving Philly. But, we were still able to drive at the speed limit of 70mph all through the congestion. AMAZING! (to us anyway, who have braved the Schuykill Expressway all too often). hehe

Arriving in Ill, we checked into our hotel and Rascsal stretched his legs for the first time since leaving the Holiday Inn. He didn't come out from under the driver's seat all day for more than a minute. But he loves the hotel rooms. They are like new play rooms for him. Anyway, we found this AWESOME place for dinner called Flavor and if you are ever in this area, you MUST eat here. We had the most amazing jerk chicken and rib tips with great sides, wonderful sweet tea and fresh bread with cranberry butter (which ROCKED!). So props to Flavor, and I hope you all can check it out if you are out here, it was soooooo good.

Tomorrow we take the train into Chicago and will see the Navy pier (maybe our first ferris wheel ride together) and probably sears tower and hopefully have a double-decker bus tour for the fun of it (thanks for the suggestion, Steve). I promise to let you know if Vince Vaughn is our tour guide. :) We'll let you know what all we do but I also hope to eat some deep dish pizza and have sore feet by the end of the day!

We praise God for the gorgeous weather we have had on this trip to make it that much easier and more enjoyable. We also are so greatful as today it occured to us that this is the first real vacation we have had just the two of us, no friends or family. Not that we haven't loved those times, but what a blessing to have so much free time together! Praise God!

Well, we gained an hour of sleep tonight by crossing time zones, but Ben has been out for over an hour already...I better join him! Love you all and goodnight!


Beth said...

Sounds like a special time for the two of you. I loved reading the details of your trip- including you and your Harry Potter storytime in the car. That's awesome! Thanks for posting.

Melanie said...

Well said.