Saturday, May 5, 2007

Chicago, and a culinary tour

Okay, so this is Ben's first time posting. I'll leave a lot of the Chicago details to Esther. I'm concerned about the food that we've encountered along this trip. We actually started this whole journey on Sunday (April 29th) with our last Philly Cheese steak at Chubby's, near Philly University. Standard fair, and it was very good. However, it was an important visit in that we can compare it directly with the Pittsburgh Steak Sandwich we had in Beaver Falls on Tuesday. I must say, I enjoyed the Pittsburgh style just as much as Philly. They chopped up the steak, and the coleslaw added a really great taste to go with the texture of the french fries they threw on top.

We got to Chicago on Wed night, and spent Thurs into the city. I'll let Esther detail the deep dish stuffed pizza. I'll stick with sandwiches and report on the Chicago Hot Dog. Definitely a far distant 3rd to the Philly cheese steak and Pitts. Sandwich. It was just a regular dog with lots of stuff thrown on (tomatos, relish, mustard, celery salt). Not too orginal or groundbreaking in my book.

Now we're about to leave Omaha Nebraska, and we had amazing steaks last night at a local joint. Hope there's something to report from Wyoming over the next two days. They're expecting about 6 inches of snow along our journey!



Natalie said...

if you had scooted over a few inches to enjoy your pizza, you would have had a halo over your head. 0:-)

sean's smitty said...

Mmmmm. You make me hungry! I'm not thinking clearly in the geography department as I write this, but if you go through Colorado, check out Beau Jo's Pizza. That will be an experience well worth a blog post all its own. Sean and I frequent it as much as possible when out that way. There's one in Idaho Springs, one in Fort Collins, and more - but I only know about those two.

Beth said...

Now that's DEEP dish pizza if ever saw one. What toppings did you have on it?

Thanks for blogging, Ben. Loved your perspective!