Monday, April 16, 2007

Resting up

Well, following our insane week last week, our weekend and this week are requiring a lot of rest (in between visits with family and friends). Rascal is recovering and looking more like his silly self every day. You can see his shaved belly and 15 stiches, but he is really doing well considering the trauma, and isn't picking at his stiches at all.
Ben is still sick and has seen the DR and received some antibiotics. He has a lower fever, but has a terrible sore throat and has difficulty eating/speaking/sleeping. Poor guy. I feel really badly and am doing my best to take care of him.
In other news, the silly Noreaster left us with snow on the ground this morning-what, is it really April? Yep, crazy.
So we will have a nice night in today and then we will get back to life tomorrow and the rest of the week. I have my last day at my internship and class on Wednesday, so I have that and the going away/graduation party to look forward to this weekend. What i am NOT looking forward to is saying goodbye to people in the next weeks. Tears are already being shed at the thought of of that for now.
My prayers and thoughts are with all of those connected to the VA tech sad. What a shame that that young man was so misled and sad/angry that he resorted to such violence. I take comfort that God is bigger than all of that and is our Great Comforter.


Beth said...

I cringed at the sight of Rascal's stitches. Poor guy!

How's Ben today?

Natalie said...

hey you. my uncle teaches at VATech. Praise God he is safe and so are his students. It is so sad.

Kate said...

Hey! It's good to see you! haha :)