Friday, April 13, 2007

2 weeks from, that is soon!

I can't believe we are leaving in 2 weeks (4/30). Time is flying by! Ben met with the people who plan our move today and they hired a company who will come out next week to preveiw what we have to move. So things are getting checked off of our to do list daily.

This week was insane. It turns out our cat has a fettish for metal and has swallowed 15 pennies in the past year, and Ben came down with some intense flu over the last two days. We spent most of Monday at the vet, and Ben spent Wed & Thurs in bed. So, life goes on as we prepare to leave but God remains so good and loving through it all!!! Praise Him.

I finish grad school next week and we are planning all kinds of friend and family get-togethers before we leave. It is a little insane, but totally worth it. It is funny how my long-labored graduate degree is within my grasp but so easily overshadowed by the move. I guess everything in it's time, right? hehe Well, I guess we'll be learning that. I'm sure we will be learning an immense amount of things that we cannot yet forsee...but that is exciting!


Beth said...

How cool is this! I'm the first one to comment on your blog!

Love you guys!!!

sean's smitty said...

Yay! Looking forward to keeping up with the Hardy goings on! You have such an exciting time to look forward to!