Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My oh my, down to one week!

WOW! Now we are really getting close. I can't believe that in one week, we will be on our way west. So, Ben is finally over his thing, but has allergies now...haha...poor guy can't win. He is such a trooper though. I am really proud of him! He is really sweet to me and keeps me smiling through the tough stuff. Like saying goodbye to friends and not knowing when I will see them again...that is so weird, and really hard. I have definitely been crying a good bit. I get emotional very quickly anytime I think about not being able to just make plans to hang out with people. Weird. Haha, actually as I think about it, I don't see that many of my friends regularly anyway. We are all too busy. I hope that that does change some when we move. I would love to be able to spend more time in ministry, with (new) friends, outdoors, exercising...I need to be praying more for that. Hmmm...I think I'll go do that, and then go to bed. :) Maybe I'll make more sense tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Still sick

Poor Ben is still sick and his sore throat isn't better at all since yesterday. I am encouraging him to rest as much as possible and drink as many fluids as possible, but other than that I don't know what to do. Please pray for him to feel better soon. He is getting stressed out about all of the work we have to do before we move and that doesn't help with healing, you know. But we know God is good no matter what and we will continue to pray and to rely on His strength for everything we need.

In better news, tomorrow is my last day of school...really! That is exciting. woo hoo. It doesn't seem real and I guess it won't until I really don't go anymore. sigh. Wow, there is so much going on.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Resting up

Well, following our insane week last week, our weekend and this week are requiring a lot of rest (in between visits with family and friends). Rascal is recovering and looking more like his silly self every day. You can see his shaved belly and 15 stiches, but he is really doing well considering the trauma, and isn't picking at his stiches at all.
Ben is still sick and has seen the DR and received some antibiotics. He has a lower fever, but has a terrible sore throat and has difficulty eating/speaking/sleeping. Poor guy. I feel really badly and am doing my best to take care of him.
In other news, the silly Noreaster left us with snow on the ground this morning-what, is it really April? Yep, crazy.
So we will have a nice night in today and then we will get back to life tomorrow and the rest of the week. I have my last day at my internship and class on Wednesday, so I have that and the going away/graduation party to look forward to this weekend. What i am NOT looking forward to is saying goodbye to people in the next weeks. Tears are already being shed at the thought of it....so...enough of that for now.
My prayers and thoughts are with all of those connected to the VA tech campus...how sad. What a shame that that young man was so misled and sad/angry that he resorted to such violence. I take comfort that God is bigger than all of that and is our Great Comforter.

Friday, April 13, 2007

2 weeks from Monday...wow, that is soon!

I can't believe we are leaving in 2 weeks (4/30). Time is flying by! Ben met with the people who plan our move today and they hired a company who will come out next week to preveiw what we have to move. So things are getting checked off of our to do list daily.

This week was insane. It turns out our cat has a fettish for metal and has swallowed 15 pennies in the past year, and Ben came down with some intense flu over the last two days. We spent most of Monday at the vet, and Ben spent Wed & Thurs in bed. So, life goes on as we prepare to leave but God remains so good and loving through it all!!! Praise Him.

I finish grad school next week and we are planning all kinds of friend and family get-togethers before we leave. It is a little insane, but totally worth it. It is funny how my long-labored graduate degree is within my grasp but so easily overshadowed by the move. I guess everything in it's time, right? hehe Well, I guess we'll be learning that. I'm sure we will be learning an immense amount of things that we cannot yet forsee...but that is exciting!