Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Much To Tell!

I know Ben has been keeping you all up on the snow situation out here...like we have LOTS! I have to say though that it is beautiful and it is cold, but today the sun was shining and although it was not supposed to be above 27 degrees, I was able to walk to my car after work today in a sweater and drive home comfortably without a coat. The sun is just that warm. So, if this is how winter is going to be I can definitely do this! We'll see though...it may be a bit early to be trusting winter weather.

Ok, I promised to blog about Thanksgiving and as that was weeks ago now, I feel I still owe it. Plus, we had such a nice day I don't mind going back and thinking about it. Our friends Jamie and Nathan F. (Micah 3, Lydia 1.5) invited us along with the C family (Greg, Kathy, Andrew 5, Esther 3, & Phoebe 1.5), Scott & Marissa K, and Mike and Newkirk for dinner. We traveled about 30 minutes south east to Morgan, UT which is a SMALL SMALL SMALL town in the mountains. We got on route 84E in the direction of Cheyenne, WY to head toward their house and couldn't help but laugh at that idea...who ever would have thought we would spend a Thanksgiving anywhere near Wyoming. haha

So they had a full house and I really enjoyed being with the kids A LOT! :) The food was really great as everyone brought their specialty and the fellowship was even better. Each family was far from any relatives for the holiday, so we were able to take this small group from church and create a makeshift family atmosphere that was really quite cozy. Don't get me wrong...NO ONE could ever replace or even come close to being like the Hollers OR the Hardys, but this was a suitable subsitute when they were all 2000 miles away. We really enjoyed getting to know some friends better and learning about what had brought people to Utah and to our church. Ben spent a lot of time hanging with the guys & watching the GB Packers game while I visited with the women and played with the kids to let the moms cook and visit as well. After dinner we played a group game and had dessert and visited more. So a pretty relaxing and over all really enjoyable day. Here are some pictures.

This is Jamie and Nathan...our loving hosts and very dear friends!

Ben with Scott & Marissa. Scott is Canadian (but super conservative) who wants to live in OH or Kentucky (random) and is going to school for accounting and Marissa is from SLC , half her family is LDS and the other half is Muslim. So she has some really interesting stories and insights. We get along great with them...notice the antelope head in the background. Nathan is a bowhunter with SKILLS-take that Napoleon Dynamite!

Kathy and baby Phoebe. The C family is such a delight. Kathy homeschools Andrew for K and Phoebe has special needs that take a lot of time and energy...but they are truly lovely and a blessing to our church family for sure!

Michael & Newkirk...newlyweds as of October, their first married T'giving and her first in UT as well. She is a sweet southern girl from Lousiana who has a great accent and makes amazing sweet potatoes!

This is Micah and Lydia F. Two of the cutest kids...here they are showing off their olives on their fingers. Micah's pants are too big for him so his mom rolled them for him...so cute. These two weigh the same. Micah is in the low end of healthy weights for his age and Lydia is in the high end for her age. Really too cute....but wait there is more!

This is Micah, Andrew & Esther making silly faces. If you look closely you can see Greg in the background also making a silly face.

"Little Esther" is just too cute for words...you should hear her little voice, it's like a cartoon how she talks with such excitement and sincerity. Of course I get a kick out of a little Esther who has brown pigtails (like I did at her age) and who loves pink and horses. Everytime her dad says her name to get her attention I find myself turning expecting to see my dad and to willingly do as he asks...so wierd. I think it wierds Greg out a bit, but I promise him it is stranger for me to hear my name in such a DAD voice. haha

So we also had the chance to go to a college basketball game and see Jamie F's cousin Andrew play for Santa Clara U against Utah State. The tix were free as almost no other family for the team was at the game. We sat directly behind the team on the floor and had a total blast with Jamie, Nathan and Micah. We were the ONLY people there cheering for Santa Clara and it was definitely a full crowd...so I went back to my Holler roots and found my voice to cheer (WOOHOO) for the guys. It was so neat to be sitting right behind them and hearing the coaches comments and all. The Utah Aggies fans could give any PA fans a run for their $...we had fun with a little clean trash talk and all. It was a blast. It definitely brought back college memories for all of us. I was sure to tell Jamie about how we girls didn't like to miss Geneva's mens basketball games our freshman & sophomore years b/c the team was so dang cute! Remember girls? :) The twins? hehe...we were so boy crazy.

This is Andrew. He is a freshman and played most of the game against a Senior who was really huge...but Andrew was a good match. He's like 6'9" and a really good player. Good job Andrew! You played a great game and we had a blast! Utah State won by 4 pts in the last few minutes after Santa Clara had had the lead for the whole first half.

Ok, other updates will be that we had another guest and that we went skiing together for the first time in UT this past weekend. But THAT is a whole other blog. Craziness...that is all I'll say for now....pure craziness. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Snow, Christmas tree!!

Well, after a few dustings of snow in Sept (just strange) and a few more in Oct (tease), we finally got a good coating of snow in Ogden. It's great to enjoy the Christmas season.

Ogden puts up a huge lighted "Christmas Village" in the center of town. Local businesses create a themed cottage and they are spread out in the center park, amidst all the lighted trees. It's almost like the German Christmas markets, and is a lot of fun to take kids to.

The snow also came just when we wanted to go out and get our Christmas tree. So it was super exciting to go out to the farm and cut one down. Out here, you can also get a forest service permit for $10 to go out and cut one in the Wasatch backcountry. We'll probably do that next year. But for now, North Pole Pines was a great place to go.

The tree farm, with the Wasatch mountains in the background. (Pennsylvania mountains are really hills, Exhibit A)

"Eagle Eye Esther" picked out a great tree, and was dutiful enough to snap a few pictures of my butt as I cut it down.

Only 3 weeks left til we head back to PA!! We're excited to spend lots of time with family, get a real Yuengling, and dig some real Pennsylvania people.

Esther will get you caught up on Thanksgiving and other things. You can always count on me for snow updates.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Your turn to comment!

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! We are at a friend's house today for dinner and fellowship with other people from church...So we'll blog about that later.

PLEASE tell us what you are thankful for today and why. We love your comments, so if you are reading this take a minute and let us know what you are thankful for today!

Love, Ben & Esther

PS Happy Birthday to Nikki Holler on Tuesday! We love you mom!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catching Up!!

Wow, time has been flying by!! With winter approaching, a lot of our time has been devoted to getting the house ready. Mainly, we had to blow a lot of new insulation up in the attic. Wow, lots of fun renting the blower from Lowes, getting absolutely covered in junk, and filling the house with lots of dust. But we're glad it's over, and now we can just do a few small things, like installing a ceiling fan, bathroom light/fan, and eventually we'll start remodeling the bathroom. Fun!!

October started out stormy, with lots of snow and cold, but towards the end it got beautiful and warm and has been so ever since. We enjoyed some hikes, seeing Pineview Resevoir and staying at a Bed and Breakfast for our anniversary on Oct 26th.

Pineview resevoir is a dammed up river, and somewhere around here is where Ogden gets its water. It's nice to know that your tap-water is really pure melted snow, but towards the end of summer it gets pretty low. In the picture below you can just see the peaks of Snowbasin ski resort poking up.

Harley and Rascal are anxiously awaiting visitors. Seriously, they're almost too friendly and will pounce on anybody's lap. But until guests arrive, they are good at entertaining themselves.

And, one last bit of official news: We have officially lost our proud PA license plate. I kind of thought that all the shy Utahns on the road were a bit wary of the mighty "Visit PA" plate we had on, but I guess it had to be done. I hope this doesn't mean that we start driving like Utahn's.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A few cute pics of Logan

A True Blue Eagles Fan is Born!

Um, how cute is that face?

The proud aunt...I'm the other proud aunt, but you'll have to wait till after Christmas to see pics of Aunt Esther with Logan. Have you ever seen a cuter Pumpkin? He's big for his age and fills out the costume PERFECTLY! Lil' Punkin!

He is starting to look more and more like Megan's family-her brother especially, but this is a Holler face. :)

This is a Geer face...Seriously, add some facial hair and freckles and he looks just like his Uncle Vinny, Meg's brother. So cute.

Ok, goodnight, I am off to a Pampered Chef party...Ben is off to LOWES...big surprise. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Although Ben & I have very fond memories of trick or treating as kids, niether of us has ever gotten into dressing up as adults. That may change when we have kids of our own...we'll have to wait and see on that one. Anyway, it was a blast being at an elementary school for the parties and parade today. I saw a lot of Spiderman and vampires and witches, one Hermoine (my personal favorite), a few fairy princesses, some ninjas and even a teenage mutant ninja turtle or two. At our house it was a bit of a letdown. I thought that living in town and being on a corner we would get hit like crazy. I only bought enough candy for up to 80 kids at one a piece...and it is 7:15 and we still have well over half! We have started giving multiples to kids. (oh, we just had a Jasmine and a kitty kat-I was reminded of how my sister Kate always wanted to be a cat for halloween and how my mom bought small pieces of fake fur and sewed them onto a black sweatsuit for her one year...so cute, and she made a great cat with her round cheeks) So I'm a little bummed that we have had so few kids but oh well. Our neighbors aren't really into it...so few lights on and we only saw a couple of neighborhood kids. Johnny B, our infamous neighbor boy is Spiderman, his mom is Scream. The boy across the corner is a pimp (nice) and his buddy a wrestler (mask & jeans on skateboard). We had a car pull up with two women and a little boy dressed as a lizard who asked to park by our yard b/c they wanted to trick or treat "up here"...meaning they are afraid of danger (gang activity in the lower neighborhoods). Although we usually scoff a bit at people's calling Ogden a ghetto since we are from Philly, for some this is real fear and true danger. We welcomed this little troupe to our street and gave them their first candy. The little lizard was only 3 or 4. So cute.

Meanwhile, Rascal has sat at the door all night trying to figure out how to get outside to where all the action is. We sat on our porch till it got too cold and he sat right inside the full glass storm door meowing and jumping at the door trying to get us to let him out. He seemed fascinated by the groups of kids and lights and noise. You would really swear that cat is a dog the way he loves people and wants to be around them all the time.

So Happy First Halloween to our little pumpkin nephew Logan. And a shout out to Jake and Victoria who I know went to a party as Superman and Wonderwoman-who were never a couple, as Jake explained to me. And to all of you who are clever enough and brave enough to dress up as adults in silly costumes...Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Something Sad, Something Funny, Something to Celebrate!

Today is October 22, 2007...2 years since Ben & I got married! WOOOOHOOOO! I was just thinking today about how if someone had told me on my wedding day that exactly 2 years later I would be driving to SLC for my job as an Elementary Counselor, visiting a child in the Hospital at Univ of Utah and then driving home to my gorgeous house and 3 cats....to celebrate my anniversary with my husband over frozen fajitas I don't think I would have beleived it. But here I am...and happy as can be. :)

So the something sad is that one of my students, an 8 yr old boy named Sam was in a car accident with his father this weekend. His father fell asleep at the wheel and they hit a huge steel light post. He is ok, stable but really banged up and almost lost an eye. Poor kid. I visited him today with another staff member and he was better than I expected but will need a lot of time to recover. Please pray for him and his family at this time. I don't beleive they know the Lord and there are a lot of shady issues. His parents are not married and it is suspected that his dad has been using drugs...which may have contributed to the accident. Also pray for me as I will continue to counsel him when he comes back to school...and i'm sure he will have some fear and anxiety issues on top of his other issues. Poor kid!

Ok, so the something funny is a story that happened this weekend. We cleaned house and I had asked Ben to take the bath mats down to put them in the laundry. He agreed, disappeared and reappeared some few minutes later. I asked him if he had put the bath mats in the laundry and he said yes. (I find that we both forget things half way through doing them so we check on each other for stuff like this...now that we have a whole house to clean and not just an apartment, things get easily misplaced or forgotten) Anyway, later that night we started to get ready for bed and I noticed that the rugs were still missing. So, I announced to Ben that one of us needs to go down and pull them out of the washer to dry. He looked at me with a distraught face which seemed to say "I don't want to go back down there tonight" so I offered to go do it myself. That was when he said "But I never started the washing machine." I said "what do you mean, what happened?" He replied "I don't want to talk about it" and walked into the other room. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT....WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T START THE WASH? I DON'T UNDERSTAND." I said, following him into the room where he was lying on the bed face down as if he was hoping to avoid the conversation. At this point I couldn't help but laugh b/c I was so confused as to what was going on. What horrible thing could have happened in the basement to have caused this reaction. I continued questioning him through my laughter and he continued to say cryptic things like "I don't know" "I don't want to talk about it"....it finally turns out that he just did get distracted and he did "put the mats in the wash", he just didn't start the washing machine. He had no reason why, he just didn't. So we layed in bed laughing as hard as I can remember ever laughing at this whole situation...that he just didn't start the washer, that he got so embarrassed that he ran away from me and that he was so tired that he couldn't make me understand what had happened...and meanwhile i couldn't imagine the horrible thing that he didn't want to talk about. HAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, you probably had to be there...but hopefully you can imagine the situation and understand how ridiculous it was. Oh, and the bath mats did finally get cleaned. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sick Days

So my six weeks of working with kids caught up to me this week...I finally got a head cold. No fever to speak of, but groggy and tired and all that jazz...so I took a sick day yesterday. There was nothing at all appealing about a one hour drive, seeing a couple of kids (friday is a half day for students) and then sitting in a meeting for the afternoon, and then driving home when I knew the whole time all I would be wanting was BED! So, bed i got. Rascal, Stella and Harley kept me company nearly all day in bed. Man do they have the life. They must do that everyday, but I wouldn't know as I am rarely home for an entire day. Nonetheless it was great to have company to pass the day with between naps and catching up on this season's episodes of Heroes. Plus, Stella really likes to keep my feet warm...what a sweety!

Ben came home yesterday feeling pretty crummy, so we spent the rest of the evening resting and then today are having a sick day together. We only have one more episode of commentary left on our netflix The Office Season 3 disc 3 to watch and then we will be watching it all again. we truly can't get enough...plus there is last week's episode on nbc.com to watch...but besides that I think we'll go out and get Ben the KFC he is craving for lunch and maybe rent a movie from Hollywood since we sent our other 2 netflix back yesterday...and just sleep.

We do covet your prayers that we would heal and be ready for work on Monday. I anticipate that we will...but prayer is always better than just hope alone.

Have a great weekend! Love you all! B & E

Monday, October 8, 2007

Less Weather-Nerd Stuff!!!

HAHAHA I love teasing Ben about being a weather nerd b/c secretly is it a wonderful gift to always have someone to tell you the upcoming 5-10 day forecast for almost any relevant destination. :) Especially when you live in Utah and you have a 40 degree snowy Saturday followed by a gorgeously sunny 70 degree Monday.

Anyway, we need to update you on some of the work that has been going on around here. Today was Columbus day, which translates to "Government Lackie" day off. Ben swears he was thinking about Columbus all day while he was home fitting our new heating vents. Ok, Ben, whatever. ;)

So these pics were taken over this weekend when we totally cleaned up and organized to have our first official dinner party in the new house. We invited our pastor (Don Krafft) and his wife Elizabeth and son Owen as well as our dear friend Jim Cole to join us for Cheesesteaks and peach cobbler (frozen, Marie Callendar's-don't worry I haven't become THAT domestic yet!). The food was great and the company wonderful. We should have gotten pics of our guests but that was one thing that slipped my mind while they were here. So, we only have some of the house.

We added this IKEA kitchen counter for extra counter space and storage and it has been great!

This new bed was bought to replace our old IKEA bed in the new master bedroom, the IKEA bed will now be a new queen size guest bed when we get a new mattress and boxspring for it. We are going for a Shabby Chic look with slightly mismatched furniture that is all white (mostly b/c they make adult furniture so big, we had to get some kid size pieces to fit our smaller wall space).

This is the new light in our dining room that Ben installed for us. It is so pretty!!!!

The new front door we had installed makes a huge difference on the front of the house. Ben also took down the shutters and we plan to do new steps/driveway/porch in the next few years.

Our new dining room set, rug, light, with trim and curtains! A real formal dining room. No pool tables here! We are searching for the right hutch in which to display my family china.

This was the Dining Room only a month or so ago! What a difference!

Here is the Living Room not long ago, and below is the almost completely finished living room. We will switch out the light for a ceiling fan, fill those shelves with literature and put some things on the wall. We will need to find a TV cabinet/armoire too, but we'll wait on that till we do some other things that are more important...like paint the kitchen!

Before we got a fireplace grate, we had to somehow keep the cats, aka rascal, from getting all sooty, hence the trashcan and boxes, but this was the fireplace before this weekend...and below is after Ben painted it for me and hung my star! How lovely! I think the ivory color of the fireplace and shelves (accented by the ivory star) sets it off as the true centerpiece of the room! I just can't wait to fill those shelves with Jane Austen and other literary greats! Oh, and I guess a few photos of loved ones...I guess. hehe

No, seriously, I can't wait to paint our hallway either b/c I definitely plan to make it a photo gallery of family and friends to show off and to remind us of how loved we are and how blessed we are to love so many!

Keep in touch, let us know what you are up to and we will keep blogging. Next time I will fill you in on our neighbors...and, OH YES, stay tuned for pics of the infamous Johhny B!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Domestic Bliss

Esther is officially a cat woman. Sometimes, it will get really quiet, and I'll look around me and notice that there is no Esther and no cats to be found. So I'll quietly go towards the bedroom, peak in, and catch a napping Esther and three cats on the bed. To keep warm I guess. Anyway, I'm not allowed to post pictures of Esther napping, so I guess this pic of the cats is good enough. We got a new bed, and Rascal, Harley and Stella all give it a thumbs up.

It snowed again last weekend, and the snow made it all the way down to our house! It didn't stick, but it was mighty wierd to see big snowflakes for a few hours in Sept, after mowing the lawn a few days before hand. I went up to Snowbasin to watch these crazy guys run a race to the top and back (a 2300 foot elevation gain). Got a good picture of the moose statue amidst the snow.

When the storm cleared out, we got a great view of the valley. This is a view toward the other end of the valley. I've only been posting views to the East, of the Wasatch, because I'm very biased toward that view. But with storm clouds, sunset, and a coating of snow, the view to the west was pretty impressive. These are the Oquirh mountains. That's not spelled right, but it's pronounced "O-Ker". Anywho, town ends, it gets really brown, and the Salt Lake is usually visible before you see the mountains.

Esther will post soon, and you'll be able to read about something different than mountains and snow for a change!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

First Snow on the Wasatch

We've been able to use the camera lots! The storm on Sunday ended our fall colors drive, but as the clouds cleared on Monday they revealed the first snow! I wish we could have gotten better pictures, but we had to work.... such a drag! After a day of cold rain, the weather warms up pretty quick and then you're in a tee shirt again, looking up at the pine trees coated with snow.

I really wanted to drive up to Snowbasin and make the first snowball of the season, but it looks like we won't have to wait long. Another storm is coming this weekend with more snow possible up on those beautiful peaks. Sorry, I'm definitely a snow lover, and this is such a great change from the agony of waiting for snow in Philadelphia.
Another bonus was the view from the parking lot at Lowes. It made the 474th trip there totally work it!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Utah colors and MEESES!!

We got a new camera! So apologies, there will be lots of pictures here. Utah is near peak when it comes to fall colors, and the Moose are out getting some late season snacks. Friends from church live outside of town, up in the foothills, and this mother and calf came up their driveway.

It's hard to describe how big these things are, but this other picture helps, with the garage in the background. Wow, I don't think you can park a moose in a garage! Actually, this little known fact helps explain why the horse was chosen as the more popular mode of transport back in the day.

In between storms, we took the long way back from church today and caught the colors in the sun. Here's Ben at Snowbasin.

A new storm was rolling in, which is supposed to leave a dusting of snow above 7,000FT, and the clouds made a nice contrast to the colors all around us.

Every once in a while you'd see one bush that seemed to be on fire.

And finally, I have to close it out with Esther's best picture of the day. This one may go up on the walls.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well, big news- My sister Stacey is engaged! The whole family usually goes down the shore in September, which I must say is the best time to go. Warm water, warm days, and you have the place to yourself! So the whole family is down there and they get to celebrate Stacey and Chris getting engaged. I must say that this is the hardest time we've had being out here. I really do miss that family time of being together is such a beautiful place, eating meals together and going on bike rides.

Even more good news, our friend Stephanie is engaged too! Steph was our first Utah visitor, and the cats still miss her and are anxious to sit on other people's laps and purr a lot. Congrats Steph and Ben!!

To make up a little for missing out on the family time at the shore, we've been able to drive around and see the changing colors. The mountain sides have lots of fiery spots of reds and oranges as the trees and brush make the change. We drove over the "Alpine Loop" near Salt Lake City and drove right by Robert Redford's Sundance Resort. So we pulled over and told him we're not too down with all that liberal stuff, but money points for picking such a cool place.

Wish we had some pictures. The digital camera did not survive the horizontal rain on the Pfiefferhorn, and the camera we got online arrive in a "Refurbished" box. Nice! So after our refund we'll hook one up.


Monday, September 10, 2007

my new job

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me to get a new job and also to adjust well....God is good and He has aswered these prayers! My commute is between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes each day on the way in, so that stinks, but on the way home it is 30-45 minutes. So, different things different days help break up the monotony of the drive. I am at 4 different elementary schools during the week (at one school 2 days and 3 schools 1 day each). So I start at different times and have different drives each day. I like the job. I like counseling. Some adjustments are more difficult, like learning the different cultures at different schools...different rules, expectations, roles, etc. Some people are more friendly than others and some are more helpful than others...but the kids are kids. They have issues and I am there to help them. I like that part. I get to play, talk, write, make calls, etc. And I can't wait to get my first real grown-up pay check that reflects my Masters!!!! So thanks...things are going well and I feel really blessed to be in this position! We'll see what God does with me...:)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

We are officially Utahns, and crazy....

Well, I didn't think we'd do it. We heard that out here, you can do season rentals for skis for $100, so that's what we planned on doing. So when we stopped at Ski-Mania to check out the deal, we had no intention of doing something crazy like buying ski equipment.....

But wow, things are different out here. Back east (that's how they refer to the east coast out here) there are so few ski shops that everything is REALLY expensive. Not so here! I think there are about 4 places that sell ski equipment in Ogden itself. Anyway, they had this huge tent sale featuring all the stuff from last season that didn't sell. It was reduced and tagged to be sold at a Ski-Swap later next week, but the store put it out there as a last chance buy for labor day weekend. We were blown away to see Rosisgnol and Salomon skis and boots reduced to such low prices. Getting the good stuff outweighted renting the real basic stuff about 10 times. Figuring that we're a half hour from 3 ski resorts, we took the plunge and got skis, boots, poles and goggles for both of us.

I'm excited but we are officially crazy. I'm rationalizing this decision by the whole cable TV deal-Since we don't have it, it's a handy way to justify other recreation expenses. And mountain air and excercise is way better for you then watching TV. So heck, 8 months of cable sacrificed to be schussing down winter wonderland once or twice a week starting Nov.... HECK YEAH!!

But yeah, we are crazy. If anybody come this winter, and there's good snow, and they don't want to ski, there' s 3 really cool cats (literally) to hang out with back at our place.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Stef is coming to Utah!

Today is Friday aug 31 and we are having our first visitor who is coming to visit us in Ogden...Stef is a friend from Pilgrim PCA in Philly and she is staying for the weekend. We are SO thrilled to have her come and are spending the day getting ready for her. Ben has the day off which is great b/c I have help in cleaning and get to spend the day with my best friend! He is so great!

So, I also want to thank you all for your prayers and encouragement about finding a job. Praise God...I was offered a one year position as a school counselor/case manager for SLC school district working with at-risk elementary students. So, it is not the high school guidance counselor position that I really want, but it is a good start considering that I couldn't even apply for any positions until August...and school positions aren't that easy to come by this late in the summer. I think it will be a good fit. I will use a lot of the skills that I have used in previous jobs and will learn some new ones. The commute will stink, but the pay is really good, so that helps. AND this means we can definitely plan a trip home at Christmas since I will have that week off! YAY! We will get to see all of the Hardy and Holler families...including our nephew Logan who seems to be as thrilled as we are at that idea! check out his darling smile!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks to Aunt Katers...

I finally have some more recent pics of Logan to share....

handsome little guy, huh?

Is Brook pointing to the baby or the "daddy sack"?

Aunt Katers herself...with a tiny baby boy...I am so jealous!

Need a nap....dad?

Could he have a more gorgeous mom? And she is funny too!

So alert! I like the stripes Logie!

I call this one "Proud Daddy"...what do you think?

Seriously...I am so proud of Brook and Meg and Logan...what a gorgeous family...more so because of the love of Christ displayed in their lives than even the smashing good looks...(hehe sorry, that must have been a Dave Kinnaird moment)...Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Kate has promised me even more pics from the upcoming weekend...my dad is having a BBQ with friends from Trinity in P'ville...I'll miss the reunion sadly, but we'll all have more pics to look forward to!